Life Coach for College Students:
Stress Management, Nutrition & Leadership Development Coaching

For overextended, stressed-out, high-achieving college student leaders and young professionals who are ready to let go of the pressure to be perfect so they can stop stressing & lead with confidence, good health and resilience!

Are you looking for a life coach for college students who gets it?…

Are you a stressed out high achieving college student, graduate student or emerging young professional who is tired of measuring your self-worth by your grade point average or your resume?

Do you sacrifice sleep and self-care all-too-often while pushing yourself to be perfect?

Do you feel like you have to hustle to earn your worth?

Do you have trouble saying, “no” and placing boundaries on your time because you’re afraid of letting others down, or missing out on THE ONE opportunity that could make or break your future? 

Deep down, when no one else is looking, do you (secretly) feel like you HAVE TO be perfect OR ELSE someone is going to find out that you’re not smart enough, talented enough, pretty enough, capable enough or…good enough?


Are You Ready?

Ready to break the chains of perfectionism so you can calm down, (finally) feel worthy with or without your amazing accomplishments and lead with more energy, joy, clarity, confidence, peace, good health and resilience?

Then you’re the type of person who could enjoy life-changing results from working with Maria in a confidential, judgment-free, one-on-one coaching relationship.

Maria Pascucci is an ICF accredited life coach for college students. She specializes in working with perfectionists who are tired of measuring their self-worth by their grade point average. A first-generation summa cum laude college graduate and former anxiety-ridden college perfectionist, Maria understands the fear-based thoughts and beliefs that cause students to overachieve to the detriment of their health. She has coached students nationwide to break free of perfectionism and create a happy, purposeful college experience while developing key personal leadership skills.

Fact: 74% of young women between the ages of 13 and 21 say they feel the pressure to be perfect.*

College students reported experiencing the following within the last 12 months**:

Fact: 92 percent of female students and 78 percent of male students reported feeling overwhelmed by all they had to.


Fact: 89 percent of female students and 76 percent of male students reported feeling exhausted (not from physical activity).

72 percent of female students and 51 percent of male students reported feeling overwhelming anxiety.

59 percent of female students and 48 percent of male students reported feeling things were hopeless.

55 percent of female students and 43 percent of male students reported that academics have been “traumatic” or “very difficult to handle”.


**American College Health Association Spring 2019 National College Health Assessment

Bottom Line:

You’re not alone with the pressure and stress you experience as a high achieving college student. And the good news is, there’s a solution!

Intro Coaching Package:

College students, graduate students and emerging young leaders: 

Find out how likely you are to let go of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, self-doubt and the agonizing pressure to be perfect so you can beat the odds, create a happy, purposeful college experience (even during crunch time) and transform into the confident, resilient, energized emerging leader & role model that the world wants now!

How would your life be different if you could FINALLY free yourself of the semester freak out cycle? 

Team up with Maria Pascucci, certified professional life coach for college students and Founder of Campus Calm, to find out! 

Because even though college can be stressful and everyone else you know seems to be stressed to the max everyday too, it’s not the way it has to beImagine how much more you could get out of your college experience if you were equipped with the tools and techniques to take yourself from survive to thrive! You will leave with a clear plan of action to shift yourself from crazed to calm this semester and every semester to follow!

This college student coaching package includes:

  • An Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) that you take online via a private link. The ELI is a one-of-a-kind attitudinal assessment that enables you to hold up mirrors to your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities that you both consciously and unconsciously role model to your classmates, professors, loved ones, employers and internship directors. The realizations that you’ll gain will forever change the way you view your college experience, and the types of leadership opportunities you’ll naturally attract;
  • 10-Page Written Report that reveals to you exactly what has to happen for you to let go of the pressure to be perfect (and all the stress that goes with it) so you can create a happy, purposeful college experience while transforming into a confident, successful young leader;
  • A 2-hour private debrief & coaching session with life coach for college students, Maria Pascucci via phone (the insights and clarity you gain during this call will be life-changing!)
  • A safe, judgment-free zone to ask and share anything you want

Intro Coaching Package: $200

Help!! I Need An Inner Critic Cleanse!!

How would your life be different as a rising leader if you knew you were good enough, and had nothing to prove to anyone? What would it feel like to begin letting go of the pressure to be perfect, and all the worry, stress, guilt, self-blame, judgment and doubt that goes along with it? What could you free yourself to focus on if you could stop chastising yourself for the person you’re not, and instead get to know the magnificent real young woman or man you ARE right now?!

After working with Maria, life coach for college students, for 1 month, you will know for yourself:

    • What to do the next time your inner critic starts talking smack and trying to make you play small, procrastinate, give up, downplay your worth and doubt how amazing you truly are.
    • How to hit the brakes & take back your self confidence the next time you find yourself heading down Comparison Lane while surfing social media.
    • Why you (secretly) care so much about what other people think of you and—more importantly—what you can do about it.
    • The real reason why your inner critic exists, and what she really wants for you (the answer you unlock may surprise you!)
    • How to release your inner perfectionist and direct her energy toward helping you reach the goals you actually WANT for yourself! (Imagine never uttering the words, “I need to”, “I must do”, “I should do” again!)
    • What your original definition of “perfect” is, along with a clear vision to start remaking your life and your college experience around it.


This coaching package includes everything in the Intro package, plus:

    • Four private 60-minute coaching sessions with life coach for college students, Maria Pascucci
    • Initial intake questionnaire that you complete and Maria reviews before your first session
    • Email/text support (We co-create your weekly action steps and I hold you accountable with love and help you celebrate your progress).
    • A personalized self-care and nutrition program so you not only look and feel fantastic, you’ll have the energy to lead with confidence and resilience both in college and your career!
    • Confidentiality
    • Freedom to ask and share anything you want
    • Maria’s book Campus Calm University
    • Your personal copy of the Campus Lead Her Success Kit

Inner Critic Cleanse Coaching Package: $750

I’m Now a Confident, Resilient, Healthy #perfectlyimperfect Young Leader!!

#rolemodel #leader #freakoutfree #couragetorise 

Research shows that it takes at least 60 days to create new habits. By the end of this 4-month journey with Maria, you will be well on your way to letting go of the pressure to be perfect once and for all!

What would your life look like when you blossom into a powerful, intuitive, resilient young leader who takes smart risks, redefines failure, and breaks through anything that gets in the way of your dreams? It’s YOUR TIME to find out!

Month 1: It’s time to discover WHO you are aside from what you do. That way, you can free yourself to actually accomplish all the things you’ve been holding yourself back from doing for fear of not being good enough. Believe me, it will be far less scary to try new things and invest in your dreams when your entire self-worth isn’t dependent on your performance in life! Here you will discover what your core values are so you can start living your life in a way that honors those values.

Month 2: It’s time to end all or nothing thinking, take smart risks and practice igniting some of that gutsy audacity you know is inside of you. Get some chutzpah! You are greater than you think you are! Now it’s time to EXPERIENCE it!

Month 3: Imagine tapping into your intuition and letting it effortlessly guide you to make quick decisions instead of stressing & overanalyzing things to death. How much time, aggravation and sleep would that save you?! It’s time to flex those faith muscles and practice trusting yourself! You can still ask people for advice when you want to, but imagine how it would feel to no longer NEED to hear everyone else’s opinions before you choose what you want to do with your own college experience, leadership journey and life!

Month 4: Celebrate good times, c’mon! When’s the last time you celebrated something as profoundly simple as the gift of being alive? When’s the last time you celebrated—well—anything? I mean really celebrated, unlike the last time you sat at a party eating birthday cake while thinking about your Monday morning Math quiz … Perfectionists are usually so worried about accomplishing the next task at hand that they rarely stop to take in the daily victories along the way. That leads to burnout and low self-confidence! This month, you’re going to star in your own reality TV show called “Your Name, Meet the Present Moment.” You’ll emerge with more clarity, peace of mind, joy, creativity and energy! No DVRing your life allowed!

This college student coaching package includes:

  • 2 Energy Leadership assessments & “College Leader Freak Out Meter” 90-minute debriefs (one at the start of coaching, one in month 3 to document your progress in a measurable way)
  • Weekly private coaching sessions with life coach for college students, Maria Pascucci, for 4 months!
  • Core values assessment
  • Initial intake questionnaire that you complete and Maria reviews before your first session
  • Email support (we co-create your weekly action steps and I hold you accountable with love and celebrate your progress)
  • A personalized self-care and nutrition program so you not only look and feel great, you’ll have the energy to lead with confidence and resilience!
  • Confidentiality
  • Freedom to ask and share anything you want
  • Copy of Maria’s gold-medal winning book Campus Calm University
  • Your personal copy of the Campus Lead Her Success Kit

Bonus: Maria’s keynote presentations “Get #PerfectlyImperfect & Lead” and “#selfcarematters” live-streamed just for you to watch on your computer, and personally interact with Maria in a safe, one-on-one setting. Colleges and universities nationwide invest thousands of dollars to bring Maria to campus to deliver these presentations at leadership conferences so you get an exclusive VIP experience that is not offered anywhere else! (a $5,000 value!!)

4-Month Coaching Package: $3,000

4-Month Coaching Package,
4 Payments of $750

Mom or Dad:

This is a great investment in your son or daughter’s self-confidence, health, success and leadership development. Together, we can empower your young adult to let go of the pressure to be perfect to lead with confidence and resilience. This coaching package could also include coaching support for parents who want to help their kids let go of the pressure to be perfect.

*Coaching packages can also be cutomized for sororities or other student leadership groups on campus. Contact Maria here and she can give you ideas of how to collaborate with departments on campus for funding.

What’s it like to coach with Maria?

Read on for some testimonials from recent coaching clients:

When I was transitioning into my first real job as a lawyer after I graduated law school, I started working with Maria. I had a little experience with traditional counseling, just enough to know that my workaholic and perfectionistic tendencies were sub-clinical, somewhat situational, and celebrated within my profession and society.


Although I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to get out of life coaching as a college student, I knew I wanted to stop measuring my worth based on my latest projects, accolades, or accomplishments. To be candid, they were never enough anyway.


I knew I wanted to feel confident and capable consistently. And I knew there was something not quite right about my seeking out and piling more work on myself at peak times of stress or as a reflex, immediately after I’d accomplished something; if only I knew what that was about!


Maria communicates from a place of keen intuition, remarkable empathy, and genuine warmth. What a relief it was to finally open up about and get to work on my insecurities and anxieties with Maria!


After only a few months of fun, engaging sessions, I experienced a renewed and deep sense of happiness, confidence, and clarity about myself and my life’s work. By our final session, I felt freer and lighter, unencumbered.


Maria truly delivered the perfect blend of coaching and consulting, empowering me to recognize and clear the mental roadblocks I’d set up for myself years earlier as a young perfectionist and misfit. I am no longer afraid of making mistakes. I have learned to value myself and my well-being without reference to my achievements.


Maria helped me recognize my core values and, because of that, I can live in a way that honors my values, which gives me a deep and abiding sense of satisfaction. This is the stuff I wish I had the opportunity to learn in school or traditional counseling – how lucky that I was able to learn these things with Maria, a wonderful life coach for college students like me!

Megan W.

Working with Maria over the past few months, I have come to realize how incredibly beneficial and effective life coaching truly is.

While I was nervous to work with Maria the first few times, I have nothing but good things to say about the life coaching experience.

Approaching the end of my college career, I let my fear and negative thinking take control. The unknown “real world” was a scary place for me and had me constantly asking myself, “What if I don’t have the right job or make enough money? How am I going to survive on my own? What will other people think of me? What if I’m a failure?” These questions kept me up at night and prevented me from living a full and healthy lifestyle. I was so overcome with doubt that my fear of the unknown prevented me from trying new things or applying for new jobs.

Working with Maria helped me focus on what I truly wanted in life, not what I thought I “should” do or what others thought I “should” do.

Maria is an intuitive listener and a wonderful supporter. During our sessions, she would pick up on things that I didn’t even realize about myself, from my limiting beliefs to my habits of self-doubt. Whenever we came across these obstacles,

Maria would help me come up with a plan to breakthrough them. 

Our sessions were a judgment-free zone and a place I felt I could truly open up and do some self-discovery without any fear of criticism. She helped me find the answers to my problems from within, encouraging me to live life from my intuition and heart.

During my coaching, I actually experienced my first job rejection, which was an incredibly vulnerable time for me. But Maria helped me to see that even in failure comes opportunity and the chance to learn, and I was able to take that seemingly negative experience and turn it into a learning opportunity. 

I picked myself up and found the courage to keep applying for jobs and testing out new opportunities—and I found an amazing job in my field right before graduation! My coaching experience allowed me to tap into the inner strength and confidence I needed to put myself out there in my job search and all other aspects of my life. 

Once I allowed myself to be dedicated and committed to my personal growth and development, I noticed how my life started to change. I’m more confident and courageous because I truly believe in myself–I finally believe that I am enough.

Working with Maria helped me find that courageous and fiery Meg within me, and I cannot thank her enough for helping me to discover it!

Meg R.

MA in Documentary Film and History, Syracuse University S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, BA in Journalism, Ithaca College