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Campus LeadHer Success KitIntroducing the
Campus Lead Her Success Kit

Empowering all of us high-achieving women to KEEP CALM & take charge of our health, time, money, confidence and careers so we are equipped to be the resilient leaders that the world wants now!

  • ON-DEMAND LEARNING that's fun, motivational and educational.
  • TWELVE HOURS of PERSONAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT training and inspiration that young women can access online and offline, learning at their own pace in the learning style most appropriate for their needs.
  • WOMAN-TO-WOMAN learning modules covering everything a young female leader needs to know to succeed, lead and be happy and healthy!


I'd like to give this kit to every young woman as a high school graduation present so she could have it from day 1 of her college experience.

In this kit, you will learn what it took many women leaders years to recognize -- how to break free of the expectations of others, define success in your own terms, and most importantly, to value and nurture yourself and your authentic strengths and talents.

Sharon Hadary, Founding Executive Director, Center for Women's Business Research
and Principal, Sharon Hadary & Co.


Campus Calm's Lead Her Success Kit encompasses all of the items a young female professional will need to succeed in the post-graduate world.

The individual telecasts, which include, securing a job outside of college, the dos and don'ts of pay negotiation, and long-term financial literacy, made my future seem a lot less daunting. The most important piece of advice one of the experts gave is to "figure out exactly what you want, listen to your own inner-self and follow your instincts." Only then, will you see true success in your professional and personal life. As a constant overachiever, I learned that it is important to remember that you are NOT superhuman, always pat yourself on the back for your achievements, and most importantly, remember to breathe!

Christina Soto, Graduate School Fair Coordinator & Intern of Marketing and Business Development at the American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Dear Rising Women Leaders (And the Parents, Educators and Activists who love them),

Did you know that women have represented about 57 percent of enrollments at American colleges since at least 2000, according to a recent report by the American Council on Education? As reported by The New York Times, “researchers there cite several reasons: women tend to have higher grades; men tend to drop out in disproportionate numbers; and female enrollment skews higher among older students, low-income students, and black and Hispanic students.” The latest enrollment study by the US Census Bureau confirmed that American women earned more doctoral degrees than men in 2010.

Female GraduateFemale Graduate
At Harvard, 55 percent of the women graduated with honors, according to a New York Time's 2006 article. At Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, a public university, women made up 64 percent of graduates in 2006, and they got 75 percent of the honors degrees and 79 percent of the highest honors, summa cum laude.

Many say that we rising women leaders have won, so what's the problem? We're the academic stars. YOU GO, GIRL! We've come a long way baby!

Female Grade StressRight? Well…

If we've won, then why did 91 percent of female college students report feeling overwhelmed by all they had to do in the past 12 months? (–Statistics courtesy of the American College Health Association's Spring 2018 National College Health Assessment)

If we've won, then why did 56 percent of college women report feeling that things were hopeless at some point in the past 12 months?

If we've won, then why did 69 percent of female college Female Grade Stressstudents report feeling overwhelming anxiety?

If we've won, then why did 88 percent of college women report feeling exhausted, though not from physical activity?

If we've won, then why did first-year college students' self-ratings of their emotional health drop to record low levels in 2010? And why were female students far less likely to report high levels of emotional health than male students (45.9 percent versus 59.1 percent), a 13.2 percentage-point difference?
–Statistics taken from The American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2010 involving more than 200,000 incoming full-time students at four-year colleges.

Female Grade StressIf we've won, then why were teenage girls also more than twice as likely as teenage boys to feel frequently "overwhelmed by all I had to do" as high-school seniors, with 18 percent of boys saying they had been frequently overwhelmed, compared with 39 percent of girls?

If we've won, then why do female college students flood my inbox with emails, telling me what they're too afraid to tell the world…?

Our nation's rising women leaders
are tired of sacrificing their health and happiness
in pursuit of perfection, but they don't know how
to stop and still realize their dreams!

The truth is
young women are making unprecedented strides academically; we're accomplishing more and more, but too often we're accomplishing more at the detriment of our own health and emotional well-being.

How can we women step into leadership without the energy, confidence and good health needed to sustain it?

The truth is, we can't. I learned this lesson the hard way.

Here's Maria's Personal Story...

My parents and I in May 2001. Mom and Dad were wonderful parents who had no idea that I was breaking down on the inside because I (the perfectionist) put on a happy face for the world.

Once-upon-a-time, I was sitting where you are today. I was a Canisius College girl who loved life as a student; I loved my classes, I loved discussing history and politics and social movements and feminism and writing—the list goes on and on. I had huge dreams for my future and I wanted to be a leader in everything I did. I thought that multiple majors and perfect grades were my ticket to success and happiness. So I overextended and overachieved, even to the detriment of my health.

In 2001, I graduated summa cum laude from college with a 3.92 GPA, the first woman in my family to earn a 4-year degree. I completed a double major in English and history, a minor in writing, a concentration in women's studies while working two part-time jobs on the side. My resume was perfect but I was a wreck! I had a panic attack in the bathroom during a final exam. I graduated with stress and anxiety-induced health problems. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, a severe wheat/gluten food allergy, and Endometriosis, a painful, chronic disease that affects 176 million women and girls around the world. I battled depression, anxiety and insomnia.

And because I wasn't living up to all the expectations I had placed on myself to be perfect upon graduation, I felt like a failure. I felt like I was not only letting my family down, I was letting the WHOLE FEMALE RACE down, and that the whole world was judging me.

How could I lead the world toward any kind of positive change when I didn't know how to lead myself toward positive change?

Then when I was 23 years old, my husband brought me home a book of quotations and one in particular changed my life. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” In that moment, I began to realize that I was the leader of my own life, and change had to start from within.

My personal leadership development journey began with a fundamental choice I made to heal. Then I took baby steps to grow stronger each day, one choice at a time.

    What did those baby steps look like?
  • I researched my medical conditions and learned how to create an environment conducive to healing.
  • I nourished my body with healthy, whole foods.
  • I gave myself permission to get enough sleep each night to rest and refuel my body.
  • I nourished my mind with meditation, and progressive books, people and places.
  • I prioritized my time to include movement, fresh air and fresh ideas.
  • I asked for help by visiting a counselor, I hired a coach and I reached out to my loved ones.
  • I surrounded myself with naturopathic doctors and healthcare specialists who not only supported my decision to take charge over my own health; they helped to educate me on my journey.
  • I invested in myself by investing my money in personal growth and leadership development.
  • I stepped outside my comfort zone to where it's scary, risking being imperfect, so I could grow as a woman and as a leader.
  • I stood before my bedroom mirror each morning and said…
“I am more than the measure of my GPA, the title on my business cards or the size of my jeans. I am enough.”

Here's the thing: As I healed from within, I became stronger in every area of my life. I learned how to manage my time better and say “No” to the past-times and priorities that didn't serve my personal leadership vision so I could say, “Yes!” to the ones that did. I learned how to manage my money better so I could invest in those past-times and priorities that served my leadership vision. I learned how to honor my talents by charging what I was worth in the working world.

And perhaps the most important lesson I learned was that nothing (no perfect grade, person, job, or check) could validate me and make me feel “good enough” but me.

Once I realized that I didn't need permission to lead, I led.

I took charge over my career and launched Campus Calm® to help other young women leaders understand the new paradigm of success so they could let go of the pressure to be perfect and lead with resilience. The moment I made the choice to use my journey to help others was the moment I became a leader.

Now's it's YOUR time!

In the past decade, I've been speaking at leadership conferences and on college and university campuses across the nation, in addition to connecting with young women leaders online from around the world. You and your girlfriends have been writing down your CRAZY BIG DREAMS to help spread positive change around the world, and sending them to me.

You want to:

And on, and on, and on!

YOU GO, GIRLS!! I know you can do it! I believe in you and I believe in your dreams! That's why before you begin that crazy big journey to help change the world, I want you to know a few things that I learned the hard way on my leadership journey:

  • It's not going to be easy (everyday).
  • You will face setbacks.
  • People will think you're CRAZY!
  • You will make mistakes and even fail.
  • You will grow tired.
  • You may even want to give up.

But I don't want you to ever quit on your dreams!

The best way I know how to ensure that doesn't happen is to help you learn the action steps necessary to take care of yourself so you will have the perseverance necessary to sustain your leadership and keep working toward your dreams.


So, how do you know if this Leadership Kit is right for you?

  • You want to learn how to prioritize your time so you can lead the world toward positive change AND lead yourself to bed at a decent hour (because your overscheduled, slightly sleep-deprived self deserves it!).
  • You want to learn more about nutrition, women's health and hormone balance to build up your immune system so you can lead yourself to success with the energy to sustain it.
  • You want to work smarter (not harder) to navigate your career-exploration journey to land a job that's the best fit for YOU and negotiate a great starting salary with confidence.
  • You're an empowered woman who wants to learn how to create a smart financial future & be a money-wise role model for young women everywhere.
  • You're a passionate, heart-centered activist in the making who's looking for the inside scoop on how to lead day-by-day while meeting setbacks and challenges with positivity and resilience.
  • You're a creative, entrepreneurial spirit and you want to learn how you can get started as a young businesswoman to grow your leadership platform.
  • You're a young woman warrior who is ready to learn how to lead your campus and community toward breaking the stigma of mental health shame.
  • You want to become a sexually empowered female who has a voice whether you choose to be sexually active or not, leading to create a healthy, safe campus culture.
  • You want the insider scoop from successful women leaders of all ages on becoming a more brilliant, balanced and happier YOU!

Keep reading or click here if you're ready to invest in your copy.

How the Campus Lead Her Success Kit Can Change Your Life…

    A+ Grades

We rising women leaders grew up in a society bombarded with mixed messages that tell us how to create our happy, successful lives.

    We were told:
  • Getting straight A's in school should guarantee lifelong success and happiness (many of us concluded that should we get a B, then we must be failures who will never create success or be happy).
  • Your résumé is your be-all-end-all only ticket to success so it had better be flawless.
  • The right body equals more opportunity for success.
  • Less downtime + less sleep = more success and opportunity for leadership.
  • There is only one right path to fulfillment in life. You had better know right now how you are going to get there.

    Female Grade StressIf you follow that prescription, you may find yourself awarded and rewarded by well-intentioned professors, parents and peers but at what cost? We may find that while the prescription for success is working, we're:
  • Burnt-out;
  • Stressed-out;
  • Maybe even sick.
  • We have no time for a personal life.
  • We say “no” to family and friends far too often.
  • We feel pressured to compete with our girlfriends, wondering if her success must somehow mean our failure by comparison.
  • We've forgotten how to relax! … and when we do try, we end up feeling even more frustrated and stressed out! Sheesh!

We sacrifice self-care, fulfilling relationships and maybe even our health all to be successful …

What kind of success is that?
Do you want to model that type of success? I don't!

And here's the thing: our moms and grandmas don't want us to model that type of success either. I recently spoke at an AAUW (American Association of University Women) leadership event where the wonderful women activists in the audience were moms and grandmas. After my speech, woman leader after woman leader came up to me and said, “You take care of yourself. Never forget that you have your whole life to create success. Slow down and enjoy the present. We need to do a better job of teaching our daughters and granddaughters this message!” Imagine living a leadership life that's fun, authentic and makes you an instant role model for women everywhere! A leadership life that's joy-filled, spirit-driven, centered in the principles of abundance and women helping women. That's the kind of leadership life our moms and grandmas want for us.

That's the kind of leadership life I want for you!Happy Female Students

So here's the deal on what you'll learn in this Campus Lead Her Success Kit:

Audio Learning Modules:

1. Create Work/Life Brilliance in a Burnt-Out World™

SaundersThe first step in becoming a powerful woman is learning how to become the leader of your own life. In this learning module, hear from Maria Pascucci and time coach Elizabeth Grace Saunders of Real Life E® on how you can learn to prioritize and make smart choices when it comes to getting the most out of your time!
Audio Length: 54 minutes

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • How to prioritize your time like a leader, choosing the paths that are right for you.
  • To empower yourself to say "NO" to overload without feeling guilty!
  • Simple steps to empower others while articulating your boundaries.
  • How to make over your schedule to accomplish more with less stress.
  • To craft a personal mission statement and use it to focus your goals.
  • How to translate your time management triumphs into identifiable, measurable skills that you can demonstrate to an employer!


2. Do It Anyway! WE ARE the new generation of activists

MartinDo you have a vision for changing the world or becoming an activist? Hear from Maria Pascucci as she interviews Courtney E. Martin, author of Do It Anyway: The New Generation of Activists. Learn about the 8 successful activists Courtney profiled in her book and her thoughts on what it takes to be an effective activist in today's world.
Audio Length: 63 minutes

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • What activism is, how to become an activist, and the resources available to pursue your interests.
  • How to find work you truly love in a society full of mixed messages and pressures.
  • How finding the work you truly love makes you a more effective activist.
  • The qualities necessary to excel as a rising leader.
  • The true definitions of perfection, success and failure, and how they can transform your life and
    leadership journey.
  • Why resilience, above all else, is the lifeblood of the contemporary activist!

3. Get Fiscally Fit Like a Lead Her

HasslerIf words like APR and credit score scare you, you're not alone! In this tele-class, learn from Maria Pascucci and the 20-something's financial expert, Christine Hassler, about the importance of becoming financially responsible and the tips you need to know to help increase your financial IQ.
Audio Length: 45 minutes

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • How to take charge of your debt and rule it like a queen!
  • 10 tips to reward all your hard work in college by making smart investments for your future!
  • Baby steps you can take to create a healthy relationship with money so you can earn more AND better take care of the dough you've already made!
  • To design and embrace the budget that reflects your core needs, wants, and values, and how to communicate your money values to others!

4. Jumpstart Your Career Search Like a Lead Her: How to Worry Less & Take Action Today!

HuhmanIn this tele-class, hear from Maria Pascucci and career expert, Heather Huhman, founder of Come Recommended, on the do's and don'ts of job hunting. Everything from resumes to what to do in an interview is covered to help give women a leg up in this competitive economy. Audio Length: 59 minutes

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Common mistakes recent graduates make when looking for a job and how you can avoid them!
  • How to network like a pro, and make social media an asset on your resume.
  • To create your personal brand to show employers the talents you have to offer.
  • How to find a workplace environment that fits your priorities.
  • Best practices to showcase your accomplishments to impress in interviews.
  • Answers to all your job-search questions: “Is it okay to ask the reason for not receiving a position? How long should my resume really be? Can I wear my nose ring to an interview? What about my cool pink highlights? Should I really include my Facebook link on my resume?” And more!
  • Encouragement to stop stressing about all the things you can't control in your career exploration so you have the energy to focus on the things you can control!

5. Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way

GerberWhile Eleanor Roosevelt herself isn't around to tell us women what we could do to become better leaders, a lot can be learned from studying her legacy. Learn from Maria Pascucci as she interviews author, speaker and leadership scholar, Robin Gerber, about what she believes Eleanor would have to say to today's young activists and the meanings behind some of Eleanor's most influential quotes.
Audio Length: 64 minutes

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • How to establish a successful mentoring relationship that benefits both you and your mentor.
  • The characteristics, habits, and mindsets of strong, effective leaders and how you can incorporate them into your leadership development.
  • Motivation to use your “perfectly imperfect” voice in a powerful way!
  • What Eleanor Roosevelt can teach you about how to turn your personal hardships into your greatest leadership strengths!
  • The value of new experiences and failure, and how it can lead to your personal growth!

6. Lead-Her to Equal Pay: Salary Negotiation Tips for Rising Women Lead Hers

LevitThe job market can certainly be daunting, but what happens when you acquire that coveted position? Hear from Maria Pascucci and business and workplace author, Alexandra Levit, about how to negotiate for a fair salary and benefits package, and on knowing your own financial worth.
Audio Length: 68 minutes

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • Why you and your girlfriends are still facing the salary gender divide and what you can do about it.
  • How to collaborate with the women AND men in your life so everyone benefits!
  • Learn how to earn the most for your time and unique talents.
  • Empower yourself with realistic financial expectations for your industry in today's economy.
  • Gain the confidence to ask for what you know you're worth in the workforce!

7. Lead-Her to Good Health: How to Take Control Over Your Health & Hormones Today So You Have the Energy to be the Lead Her You Were Born To Be!

MarcantelSo often in our pursuit of success, we forget to take care of one thing- OURSELVES! Allow this tele-class to change all that as Maria Pascucci and Dr. Tina Marcantel remind listeners about maintaining good health and reducing stress in our lives!
Audio Length: 74 minutes

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The psychological and physiological effects of stress and how to tune in to your mind-body stress connection.
  • How hormonal imbalance disrupts your sleep, mood, and health—and how to get back on track!
  • To fully understand and combat women's health issues without shame.
  • How to create a fuller, healthier lifestyle by eating right and exercising.
  • That putting your health first is key to becoming a successful and effective leader for life!

8. Let's Talk About It: Campus Sexual Assault & Sexual Empowerment

Addington and Tieder Sexual assault and related issues are not topics we often hear talked about…but they should be! Hear Maria Pascucci interview two activists, Kelly Addington and Becca Tieder, who turned their personal experience with sexual assault into an opportunity to educate the community on these issues and to stop them from occurring. Become an empowered leader by learning about prevention!
Audio Length: 57 minutes

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • Discover what terms such as date rape and sexual assault actually mean and how you can help break down the stigma surrounding these issues.
  • Find out some safety measures you can use to protect yourself & create a healthy campus culture.
  • Hear how you can become a sexually empowered woman and have a voice whether you choose to be sexually active or not!
  • Learn what every young leader needs to know BEFORE becoming sexually active…everything from prevention to pregnancy and consent is discussed.

9. Mental Health Empowerment for Student Lead Hers

CoffeyAccording to the Spring 2018 American College Health Association's National College Health Assessment, 56% of college women reported feeling things were hopeless in the last 12 months, yet many of these students probably weren't getting the help they needed. In this interview, hear from Maria Pascucci and mental health empowerment expert, Colleen Coffey PhD., about the stigma surrounding mental health disorders and what we can do to change that.
Audio Length: 57 minutes

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • To develop your own personal de-stressors that will work best for YOU!
  • How to lead with integrity to fight the stigma surrounding mental illness.
  • Tips to develop a healthy sense of self without relying on negative coping mechanisms.
  • Strategies (that actually work in the real world!) to collaborate with friends to transform your peer culture!

10. Nutrition for Lead Hers

ButlerWe've all heard people say that it's important to eat our fruits and veggies or to eat a balanced breakfast…but how important are these things really? Learn with Maria Pascucci as she interviews registered dietician, Natalie Butler, on the importance of good nutrition in the lives of leaders and their tips on the importance of taking care of our bodies.
Audio Length:
74 minutes

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • Inspiration to take care of yourself first so you can stand up to lead the world!
  • How to maximize your daily energy through food choice.
  • Advice to use your diet to help you manage stress, anxiety and even IBS!
  • Top tips to choose the best foods to help you sleep better!
  • How to spice up your plate in a way that benefits your immune system.
  • That making healthy choices will impact the way you feel all day!

Bonus Video Learning Modules:

1. Stepping into Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Maria and Amy

Want to know what you can do to get started as a female leader and entrepreneur? Watch and listen as Amy Castronova and Maria Pascucci, two young & successful entrepreneurs and speakers, explain how you too can get involved, starting TODAY!
Video Length: 65 minutes

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • Why life-long learning is the key to success and learning through experience is key to leadership.
  • How to build your positive support network in both your personal and professional circles.
  • How to avoid the “college major misconception” trap and debunk the “life plan” myth so you can squelch self-doubt & navigate your way to success with confidence.
  • Tips to handle business and money like a leader.
  • Where to gain business and entrepreneurial skills both in and out of the classroom.

2. From Private Pain to Public Leadership:
Behind the Scenes with

Maria and Kristen

If you find yourself relating to the idea behind Campus Calm, check out this interview with the company's founder, Maria Pascucci, as she explains what inspired her to create the Campus Lead Her Success kit. Watch as Maria describes what led her to re-evaluate the stress in her life and her tips on becoming a more brilliant, balanced and happier YOU!
Video Length: 70 minutes

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • Hear what lessons Maria Pascucci has learned while creating Campus Calm and what inspires her mission to create more empowered, resilient women.
  • How to ditch your inner perfectionist so you can embrace new leadership challenges with resilience.
  • Learn the 5 most valuable tips all women should know when starting a business and how you can best market yourself.
  • Why collaboration pays off over competition and how to leverage other brilliant women's success on your leadership journey!
  • Whether you're focused on moving ahead in your career, or just getting through an interview, discover what you should know in order to be most successful, the Campus Calm® way!

When You Invest In This Kit, You'll Receive:

1. TEN 60-MINUTE TRAINING CALLS with Maria Pascucci and her team of Campus Lead Her Faculty; Maria's hand-picked experts in the areas of women's leadership, finance, work/life balance, salary negotiation, careers, health, nutrition and more!
(each interview is approximately 45-75 minutes)

2. TWO BONUS VIDEO INTERVIEWS where you will learn the ins and outs of stepping into leadership and entrepreneurship! (each interview is approximately 65-70 minutes)

3. ONLINE ACCESS: You don't have to wait for your Kit to come in the mail – your benefits will begin as soon as your purchase is complete. Upon purchase, you will be emailed a password to access the online version of the Campus Lead Her Success Kit to download the following:

  • MP3 RECORDINGS of all calls, so you can listen to them over and over on your computer, iPod, or other MP3 player.
  • VIDEO INTERVIEWS so you can watch them over and over, anytime & anywhere you have an Internet connection!
  • PDF TRANSCRIPTS of all calls, so you can read through them again and again, take notes, or look up a particular point quickly.
  • CAMPUS PROGRAMMING IDEAS, and leadership advice to help you spread positive change on your college/university campus while helping your classmates advance their leadership skills!
  • MOTIVATIONAL POSTERS in PDF format. Print and hang them up in your dorm room to keep calm and awaken your inner Lead Her. Post them up around campus to inspire your friends and classmates too!

You can see, we're including everything we can
to set you up for success!
Keep reading or click here if you're ready to invest in your copy.

Ok, but what do young women leaders actually think about this Kit?

Here are a few quick success stories of college women leaders
who not only previewed the kit they helped to create it!

This product is valuable for ALL women, whether you are still in school, a parent, or a leader in the community!

It's amazing to see a product cementing what I've thought for years, but have been too scared to say. I don't need to be this elusive “perfect.” In fact, I'm much happier when I'm not. Probably the most important lesson that comes from using the Campus Lead Her Success Kit is that we, as women, are not alone. We all experience pressure and stress and the drive to be leaders. But often, we are too scared to voice these concerns or ambitions. This product is screaming to all of us, “Be scared and stressed no more! Go out and be the best you, you can be!”

Julie Wagenblast, Senior @ The College of New Jersey
Leadership Intern, Campus Calm®

This kit is one-of-a-kind; there is nothing like it currently out in the market!

The Campus Calm Lead Her Success Kit provides women with the tools to be confident, successful leaders without forsaking one's mental and physical health. It also highlights societal mentalities that prevent young women from truly progressing and becoming their best, allowing women to recognize these mindsets and directly combat them.

As a student who was involved with the making of this product, I learned so much from just listening to the audios. Young women will be able to take the resources and information and apply it to their own lives. They can listen to the different experiences of each professional and gain a better perspective about the world, better preparing them for the future. I go to a college whose unofficial motto is “Leaders in the Making,” and I still found this kit very informative and useful in developing my leadership. I even think this kit would be a great resource for my college.

This kit is one-of-a-kind; there is nothing like it currently out in the market. It is full of applicable content to help women become healthy, well-rounded leaders. It's straightforward, easy to use, and it's fun yet still maintains its professionalism. If a parent or college campus wishes to help young women succeed, then I would recommend this Success Kit immediately. They won't go wrong.

Wendy Tran
, Sophomore @ Claremont McKenna College
Leadership Intern, Campus Calm®

I wish I had this kit as an incoming freshman at school!

Helping Maria develop the Lead Her Success Kit, I've learned so much about personal leadership and self-care. We, as women leaders, forget to put ourselves first too often. We forget what's truly important: our mental, physical, and emotional health. This Success Kit offers women leaders tons of valuable information and advice on leadership skills and breaking the cycle of perfectionism. Like Maria says, by taking care of ourselves and putting our health first, we can lead authentically and passionately.

Campus Calm expert advice is invaluable for any woman looking to become a successful leader in college and of her life. As a student who was involved in the making of this Kit, I found myself really engaged when I listened to the interviews. It's not like listening to a dull, serious lecture—these are honest conversations, and when I listen in, I feel like I'm part of the conversation, rather than being lectured to. I think that makes all the difference and that listeners will love these. I recommend this Kit for all student leaders. I wish I had this kit as an incoming freshman at school—it would've helped me realize that I can be a leader and embrace who I am, strengths and flaws.

Meg Rindfleisch, Senior @ Ithaca College
Leadership Intern, Campus Calm®

Working with Maria while creating this kit helped me to dive deeper into the ideas behind leadership than I ever had before!

Through listening to the interviews and creating programming ideas, I was able to learn how to open my mind to new leadership strategies. It can be difficult to think of fun and interesting ways to lead a group of women towards a certain goal, while still making an impact, but this kit helps make that process easier and fun. It really made me look at the importance of the group behind the leader.

The interviews between various woman leaders and Maria are also very interesting and full of useful information! I genuinely learned so much about managing nutrition, stress, and other important elements of daily life that can really affect a woman's mental health. The advice that the women gave helped me feel more confident that I could control and manage my own success in life. I would recommend this kit for anyone who wants to become a leader for others, or even for anyone who just wants to be able to lead her own personal life with strength and confidence.

Allie Fiete
, Sophomore @ Ithaca College
Leadership Intern, Campus Calm®

This kit made me excited to be a leader at my own school and in my own life!

As a junior in college and a journalism major in the current time, I am constantly being told that my career field is changing, being reminded how competitive it is. While I am dedicated to my career choice and I love writing, it is definitely stressful to think about, and even more so because I am something of a perfectionist. Therefore, I am grateful for all the advice the Campus Lead Her Success Kit provided me in preparing for the future: working on a career goal, learning to be a leader, managing money, and so on.

The interviews in the Lead Her kit were really motivating and great for me to read. Maria talked to so many interesting and successful women who had discovered a way to do what they love to do. The interview with Maria herself was equally wonderful. In creating programming to go along with these interviews, I not only had the chance to gain writing and editing experience, but I also thought about what I and college women like me could do to benefit from Maria and the interviewees' advice and guidance. Developing the programming made me think about what is important to me as a college student and a woman.

While I definitely have to work to fight against the stress in my life and remind myself it is okay not to be a perfectionist all the time, hearing the stories of Maria and the other women who were once in my position as college women but have now found success doing things they love makes me very happy and excited to be a leader at my own school and in my own life.

Lauren Mateer, Junior @ Ithaca College
Leadership Intern, Campus Calm®

I am so grateful for Campus Calm® and the Campus Lead Her Success Kit, for it truly addresses the wide span of social struggles that young women face today.

Having experienced and mostly recovered from depression and anxiety, there is little else I feel as passionate about as helping others through it, and this kit does exactly that. It comes from a place of genuine kindness and selflessness that is powerful in its authenticity and empowering in its message. Thank you, CampusCalm. :)

Lily Welborn, Sophomore @ Southwestern University, Texas

I graduated from college six years ago, and as a young professional, I find the information in the Campus Lead Her Success Kit to be just as valuable and relevant as I would if I were still in school.

Working on this project has rewarded me with knowledge on today's job market and has allowed me to adjust the way I apply for a position. The Lead Her Success Kit has also shown me how to have a healthy relationship with money. As a result, I am better able to manage my finances. I would recommend this product to my friends, colleagues, and other young professionals. Not only has it taught me how to be a Lead Her in the workplace, it has taught me how to be the Lead Her of an authentic and happy post-graduate life!

Kristen Szustakowski, 2009 Graduate @ SUNY Fredonia
Alumni Creative Direction Intern, Campus Calm®

We Can Do It

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Rosie said,
"We Can Do It!"
Yes ladies, we can!
We Can Do It We Can Do It

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