By: Maria Pascucci, Founder of Campus Calm

For all the stressed-out, high-achieving college student leaders out there: You showed up. You did the work. You gave it your all. Another semester will soon be in your rearview mirror. Heck, soon college will be in your rearview mirror.

Before you start stressing about all the things you need to/have to/must do next, how would your confidence shift UP if you took a moment to keep calm in college and acknowledge yourself for everything you just accomplished these past few months?


Pause. Keep Calm. Consider asking yourself:

  • What did I learn this semester that excited me?
  • How have I grown?
  • Regardless of my resulting GPA, what am I proud of myself for?
  • How will I celebrate that today?


Once you’ve taken time to keep calm and celebrate your accomplishments, then consider asking yourself, “What do I want to/get to/choose to focus on next? Notice the energy shift from need to/have to/must do? As the leader of your own life, you get to decide.

Resist the temptation to downplay your accomplishments. You are not bragging. You’re simply honoring yourself, owning your capabilities and giving other women and girls (and men and boys) permission to do the same.

I am so proud of you. High five!


With love,