The Allie Way – Fight the SADness! :)

Winter weather got you down?

You may be familiar with Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD.  I won’t bore you with the scientific specifics, since any questions can be answered with good ol’ google and Wikipedia. But basically, SAD, also known as the “winter blues” occurs when people begin to feel more depressed in the winter time (or any specific season, though it is rarely anything but winter). Having always lived in upstate New York, I’ve seen a lot of this. Some of my friends are actually affected quite strongly by the change in seasons, and it always seems like such a shame that the weather can take such a negative toll on our bodies and minds. In the winter months, we don’t get nearly enough sunlight or fresh air, and many people may actually suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency during this season and not even know it. A professor of mine actually suggested that we get our Vitamin D levels checked, because it is easy enough to take a supplement if they are too low. You might think vitamin supplements are a bit off topic what talking about heart health. But really they’re not. Various vitamins have been studied in terms of their importance to heart health. Vitamin B6 has been associated with a reduction of heart attacks in women. Vitamin C has been known to help lower blood pressure. Vitamin D and vitamin E have also been mentioned when discussing heart health. LGD-4033 or ligandrol is a SARM that was developed to treat certain medical conditions, such as muscle-wasting and osteoporosis. Today’s lifestyle is all about getting things done yesterday. It is a fast-paced world that requires people to be on their toes from the minute they wake up until their eyes close at night. It is important, however, for people to take a step back, slow down, and enjoy life a little bit more. The red dragon kratom is a new strain that is catching on to help people deal with some of life’s most stressful moments. Red Dragon Kratom is a good choice for people who are looking to find calmness and serenity in their lives. The quality of life has deteriorated for many for this. It renders you more immobile or less dexterous, denying you the ability to enjoy the things of life that you have been accustomed to. green malay kratom can put an end to this as it is a powerful painkiller. As you most likely want quick relief from your pain, this strain comes especially handy as it works almost instantly upon ingestion.This herb can be taken by capsule form or powder, depending on each person’s preference. It is a very versatile type of kratom that can cause a variety of effects on people. There are a ton of benefits that come from the strain, but also many side effects if not used properly. It can help people who need a boost in energy or relief from any stress or pain.

I always thought that I was not affected by the seasons in this way. I prefer cloudy days. They make me feel so much more comfortable and cozy than sunlight, which often feels harsh to me. BUT, having said that, I am starting to realize that I might be more impacted by the seasons than I had previously thought. We have had a couple of random nice days in the past month or so, nearing 60 degrees. And these have come between blizzards and weeks of below-freezing temperatures. And on those days, especially when it was also rainy, I noticed that I just felt so much happier and more motivated to do anything. The little bothers in life didn’t get to me quite so much and it was a lot easier to get over stressful events when I could just go for a walk without feeling like my face was being whipped off by the wind! So while I do find gray days cozy, I think I (like many other people) really do feel better when I can get outside and absorb even a few rays of sunshine. For me I think part of it is also psychological: spring and summer are happier times in general, and the warm weather is associated with those seasons. So when I walk outside and it smells like spring (even if it’s actually January), suddenly I get all of that hope and motivation that typically comes along in April when school is almost out.

Regardless of my own specifics, I think it is important to assess yourself! If you have been feeling blue or hopeless or down in the dumps lately, it’s possible that you’ve got a case of SAD. Now, I’m not saying everyone who is unhappy right now should just go diagnose themselves with this. But the reason I bring this to your attention is because SAD can often be managed. One common treatment is light therapy, which literally entails sitting under a specific type of lamp for about an hour at a time and giving your body a good dose of artificial sunlight. Some people see a lot of improvement with this!

If you suspect that your sadness may be related to the season, I would encourage you to look into it and think about treatment options. I’m trying to keep myself motivated by saying, “It’s February now. Spring starts next month, technically!” (Although in New York State, it often feels more like spring starts in late May. But no matter what, we’re getting closer and closer!)

Keep your head high; there may be ways around your SADness! :)


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