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Journeys with Julie- The Painstaking Job Hunt

With graduation a month and a half away (gulp!), I’m currently on the hunt for a job! It’s nerve racking and all consuming at moments. I so badly just want to find a job and say I spent four years … Continue reading

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Lily’s Life: Trying to find genuine relationships is easier than you may have thought.

Hello to all! Today I’m going to talk about sororities. Yes, this is something of a controversial topic among women and men alike; it’s always interesting to explore the things can be socially divisive. They’re relevant because they teach us … Continue reading

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Journeys with Julie- Questioning College

Last semester, I was fortunate enough to take a sociology course called  “Education and American Culture.”  Over the course of the semester, we explored how schools offer us a lot of insight into America’s culture and the ways in which … Continue reading

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The Allie Way – What is too old? Too young?

Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday. I’ve been looking forward to this birthday for my entire life because it’s 22 on the 22nd and 22 is of course my favorite number! But I’ve also always viewed it as my “last special … Continue reading

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Lauren’s Lounge: Fantastic Fictional Females

One of the (admittedly few) downsides to living in Spain is the fact that, although there are plenty of theatres here that show American films, they are usually dubbed rather than subtitled. Since I can’t stand dubbed films (I hate … Continue reading

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