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New York’s Women’s Business Examiner Spotlights Maria Pascucci & Campus Calm

I’m excited to announce that our mission at Campus Calm to teach rising women leaders that “Healthy, Resilient Women Lead” drew attention from New York’s Women’s Business Examiner! Each time we are featured in the media, we reach a college … Continue reading

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20 Something Career Expert’s Tip of the Month – September

10 Business Myths You Need to Forget About Now By Alexandra Levit, Author of Blind Spots This is not your parents’ business world. It’s not even your older sister’s business world. The recent recession has toppled and transformed our ideas … Continue reading

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20 Something ADHD Expert’s Tip of the Month – September

Running to Keep Up? By Barbara McRae, MCC Have you ever been in such a rush, such as speeding on the highway, only to miss your exit? Most of us have. Often the result of rushing backfires and we end … Continue reading

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Fitness Expert’s Tip of the Month – September

Now that you’re heading back to school, your class schedule may require you to revamp your fitness routine. If you’re an athlete participating in a team sport, your fitness regime may be dictated by your coaches. It might be the … Continue reading

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