Job Search Expert’s Tip of the Month – December

Finals, Job-Seeking & the Holidays, Oh My!

Finals are right around the corner, and you’ll soon be on a long holiday break from school. And if you’re a senior graduating in December, you’ll be thrust from college life into the world of job searching. Are you ready?

Even if you aren’t graduating in December, the holidays are a great time to gain experience in your field. Since most colleges are off for about a month, why not squeeze in an externship or job shadow opportunity? With the competiveness of today’s job market, it can only help you stand out from the crowd. And you’ll probably meet some great people to add to your professional network, too!

For students graduating in early December, it’s important that you’ve started thinking about your search beforehand. Throughout your last semester at school, you should be networking, engaging in sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, preparing a professional portfolio, and checking out the job market in your ideal location and field.

Many job seekers mistakenly believe that hiring halts during the holiday season, but November and December are not dead zones. Just because you’ll be graduating around the holidays doesn’t mean you should leave your job search until after New Year’s. The holidays are actually a great opportunity because so many other people decide to take a break during these months. Here are a few ways to start hunting over the holidays:

• Send holiday cards (or e-cards) to your network and inform them of your recent graduation.
• Use the holiday season to connect with others. Holiday parties, outings and events are great ways to expand your network and get to know other professionals.
• Look for volunteer positions and temporary work. You never know where it could lead!
• Start hunting as soon as possible in order to adapt your strategy if things don’t pan out.

Remember, the job market is tough – but it’s not impossible. Start out with a clear plan of the direction you’re heading in and continue to make adjustments as necessary in order to reach your end goal.

~ Heather Huhman, Job Search Expert, Campus Calm

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