Recent College Graduate Expert’s Tip of the Month – April

The Power of 10 Minutes

By Nancy Barry
Speaker and Author of When Reality Hits: What Employers Want Recent College Graduates to Know

We live in a crazy world, rushing from one thing to the next to the next. People often say they just don’t have enough time to get everything done. As a result, they are stressed out. Everyone gets the same amount of time each day – 1440 minutes. What if you could carve out 10 minutes every day to do something that would make your life less stressful?

What if you got up 10 minutes earlier in the morning, so you weren’t rushed to get to work or school? What if you took 10 minutes at the end of the day to organize your desk, so when got to the office the next day you would feel refreshed and ready to start your day?

Make a list of how you could spend 10 minutes every day to help ease the stress in your life. Never underestimate the power of 10 minutes.

~ Nancy Barry, Recent College Graduate Expert, Campus Calm

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