Mental Health Survival Expert’s Tip of the Month- November

An Exercise in Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving. It is more than just mashed potatoes, cornucopia, left over candy, the Macy’s day parade, and children’s plays. It is about giving appreciation to those people, places, and things that you love so much. Given the state of our economy, the fact that November is right before finals, and that the holidays are the worst time to be single; it can be pretty tough to be thankful this month. Perhaps it is a certain pair of shoes you are thankful for, or one moment shared with friends last week, or the lady in the cafeteria that always gives you extra french fries. Whatever your situation, I invite you to check out this three step Thanksgiving exercise:

STEP ONE- I want you to, in 1 minute, make a list of what it is that you appreciate:
I am thankful for-

* Statistics
* Church picnics
* Dan’s humor
* Starbucks
* Puppy kisses
* Lifetime TV
* Marriott- Kennedy Airport
* My step-mother’s spaghetti
* The long hike I took with Dad on my birthday

STEP TWO- Take 2 minutes to reflect on this list

* Why do I feel thankful for these things?
* What can I do to experience more things like this more often?
* How can I appropriately communicate my thanks?

STEP THREE- Take Action
*Decide to communicate your thanks and DO IT!

Giving thanks is not just about the receiving party, either. Good-doing and the excretion of kindness actually make us more calm, mentally balanced, and intentional. So, before you slip in to your post-turkey tryptophan coma, GIVE THANKS… I am also really thankful that CCU let’s us write these little tips. I’d be thankful if you would visit our website to learn more about us!

~ Colleen Coffey, Mental Health Survival Expert, Campus Calm

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