New Product – Stress Less & Lead A SELF-FOCUSED Career Search

“I can be anything I want so how do I choose?”

Students nationwide have been connecting with Maria Pascucci, founder and president of She’s listening to all students’ concerns. You’re stressed out about finding the right career. You’re unsure about your major & where it will take you. You feel pressure from all sides – financial, parental and personal. Been there. Done that. She knows how stressful it can be. Now she’s responding.

Maria Pascucci is teaming up with Campus Calm’s favorite Career Expert, The Résumé Girl Lauren Hasson, to bring you a 5-part audio cd series & manual called:

How to Stop Stressing, Lead a Self Focused Career Search & Unlock the Career of YOUR Dreams.

The audio series will be released this winter along with a print manual that will lead you step by step toward career & life satisfaction … with tips to soothe stress along the way. *The Résumé Girl is an experienced career coach who has helped students nationwide through the school and job application processes.

Here’s a sneak peak at the product package, which will be released this winter:

Dealing with the Stress of your Career Search and External Decision Factors

How to Take Full Advantage of Your Campus Career Center and Alumni Office

The Freshman to Senior-Year College Checklist and How to turn Post Graduation Panic into Action

How to Stress Less About Choosing and Changing Your Major

Bonus for the Parents: How to Help My Stressed Out Student Explore Careers Without Coming Across As a Nag!

You will learn:

– How to Stress Less about the Career Search Process
– How to Examine Your Values to Find Career Happiness
– How to Overcome Self-Defeating Attitudes
– How to overcome the Parent Trap Hindrance
– How to Beat Job Search Procrastination
– Why Grades Matter but how being Grade Obsessed Hinders Career Exploration
– The Key Transferable Skills that will Serve You no matter what line of Work you Choose
– How to Leverage your Campus Career Center & Alumni Office to Land a Fantastic First Job

And much, much more!

E-mail to learn how you can reserve your copy of this audio cd & print manual package in advance for the perfect holiday gift!

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