Story Callout for Chicken Soup for the Twenty-Something Soul

From Christine Hassler, Campus Calm’s 20 Something Crisis Survival Expert:

I am co-authoring Chicken Soup for the Twenty-Something Soul with Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen which is due out in June 2008; however so far the manuscript is a little LUKEWARM! Meaning, I need more great stories to inspire twenty-somethings or this edition of Chicken Soup is off the menu. This is an URGENT call out for moving, touching, funny, heart-warming or inspiring stories about twenty-something life to heat up this serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul. I am accepting stories from people of any age, you do NOT have to be in your twenties to contribute AND you get $200 if your story is published (more details below).

Please help me in my heart-felt mission to “transform the twenty-something experience” and create a book to support and encourage this generation! ANYTHING you can do to help this project would be appreciated – forward an email to your database/contact list, post the call out on your website/blog, give me ideas for where I can post this call-out, or send me names of people who you think would be great contributor!

Below are the details and the text you can forward along.


The co-author of Chicken Soup for the Twenty-Something Soul is looking for inspirational, moving, or funny stories about the twenty-something experience told from any perspective. You DO NOT need to be in your twenties to contribute! Deadline is January 7th.

What does the story need to be about?
Any story about twenty-something life (career, relationships, family, money, life lessons, fate, travel, risks, acts of kindness, challenges, coincidences, tragedies, and so on) is welcome. A Chicken Soup story will touch the souls of the readers and make them laugh, cry, sigh or just say, “Wow!” A story can be told from any angle: reflecting back on your own experience, being a part of someone else’s twenty-something experience, or sharing a story about how a twenty-something has impacted you. I KNOW you have a story in you! Click here for more information.

Details on What to Do Next:
1. Go to my website and to read the “Story Guidelines” which outlines the recipe for a winning Chicken Soup Story.
2. Write your story – approximate word limit is 300-1200 words (please write to the best of your ability, well-written stories are preferred but co-author will edit it for you so don’t worry if you aren’t a professional writer!)
3. Go to, click on “Submit a Story” and be sure to select “Twenty Something” as the book title. Fill out the info and just paste your story in the appropriate box.

What YOU will receive:
If your story is chosen for the final manuscript:
– $200
– A free copy of the book, and 50% off the book for eternity.
– A bio (if desired) giving you the opportunity to promote yourself, your business, a cause, etc. in a NATIONALLY BEST-SELLING BRAND.
– The opportunity to inspire and touch millions of people

It’s that easy. You can also submit a story that has already been published elsewhere and/or can publish it in the future. Chicken Soup does NOT ask to own the rights to your story, just your permission.


Due Date:
I really need stories ASAP – but I’ll be accepting them until January 7th. Please submit directly to (click “Submit a Story” and don’t forget to select “twenty-something soul” as the title).

Questions? Need more info?
Please contact me at

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