“I was so stressed out I was planning on dropping out of college.

After hearing Maria’s powerful presentation and story, I’ve decided to stay in school and I’m excited to get involved in the organizations I’m most passionate about!”

Attendee of college motivational speaker Maria Pascucci’s keynote presentation at the University of California, Merced, Women’s Empowerment Conference

Our Shared Goal:

Retaining college students & creating confident, healthy, resilient young leaders!

Did you know?

Stress, anxiety, sleep difficulties and depression are the top life issues that American college students say affects their studies.

–American College Health Association’s Spring 2019 National College Health Assessment

Maria Pascucci, Founder of Campus Calm,

is uniquely positioned to connect with your college students and empower them to overcome these barriers to leadership because she speaks from the power of personal experience.

I graduated summa cum laude from college with a 3.92 GPA – the first woman in my family to earn a 4-year degree. I completed a double major in English and history, a minor in writing, a concentration in women’s studies while working two part-time jobs on the side. My resume was perfect but I was a wreck! I had a panic attack in the bathroom during a final exam. I graduated with stress and anxiety induced health problems. I survived. 

As a recovering college perfectionist turned certified professional coach, author, national motivational speaker, leader and change-maker, I empower the next generation of rising leaders to let go of the pressure to be perfect so they can lead with confidence, good health and resilience.

- Maria Pascucci

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