Life's Happiness 101

Life's Happiness 101

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Life's Happiness 101

Help! I'm working my butt off to build the perfect portfolio to help me get into the best college, the best grad school, which will help me to land the best job and be SUCCESSFUL, whatever that means anyway. That’s THE path everyone keeps telling me I "should" follow ... but does that really lead to lifelong success for everyone? And does happiness factor into this equation?

Can you relate? We hear you!

There’s only one path to success and fulfillment in this world? Please, that’s bogus! Calm school stress with the 10 Mindsets to a lifetime of authentic success and happiness both in college and in the real world. Join Maria Pascucci, Founder & President of Campus Calm as she talks about the 10 Mindsets that transformed her from an anxious, overwhelmed college student who had NO CLUE what she wanted from life, to a happy, healthy young entrepreneur and author who discovered the joy of creating success when she stopped trying to prove to the world that she was "the best."

Sneak Peak:
Manage school stress and still excel in demanding academic environments.
Ditch your inner perfectionist and embrace lifelong learning.
Eliminate confusion by looking inside for answers when the rest of the world is telling you that "you should" be headed down a different path.
Use your unique strengths to transform your world, on your own terms.
Uncover the most important mindset shared by all happy, stress resistant people and learn why you can never be truly successful without it.
And much more!

NOTE: For $15, you will receive instant access to the audio coaching class in MP3 format, along with a pdf checklist to help you stay on track. If you would like to receive this package as an audio CD with printed checklist mailed to your door, please click on the "add $15" option on the drop down menu.

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