Heal School Stress & Acne

Heal School Stress & Acne

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School Stress & Acne 232

Help! I have four papers due next week, three exams to study for and now I just looked in the mirror and my skin’s breaking out again!

Can you relate? We hear you!

Learn about the mind/body connection between school stress, skin health and those dreaded acne flairups. Take charge over your stress and enjoy healthy skin from the inside out. Learn how to use nutrition and stress management to set up a proactive lifestyle that will keep you, and your skin, healthy for life.

Sneak Peak:
Get the scoop on the acne/stress cycle and how you can break it today.
Why those end-of-semester all-nighters you pulled through (after three weeks of procrastinating of course) not only left you feeling wretched, but covered in zits.
Inflammation-busting spices and foods on a student’s budget.
Potions, lotions and essential oils, which ones to choose? The answer is great on your wallet.
Acne prevention is about long-term health, and what you can do to achieve both today.

Audio coaching class led by Maria Pascucci (an honorary lifetime member of the stubborn skin club!) and Dr. Alan Logan, ND, FRSH, author of The Clear Skin Diet.

NOTE: For $15, you will receive instant access to the audio coaching class in MP3 format, along with a pdf checklist to help you stay on track. If you would like to receive this package as an audio CD with printed checklist mailed to your door, please click on the "add $15" option on the drop down menu.

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