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The ABC's of Credit Calm

Help! College tuition sucks, but credit card debt sucks even more. How can I get on top of my finances before I bankrupt myself before my 25th birthday?

Can you relate? We hear you!

Money. It's the single greatest taboo topic in America, evoking images of shame, guilt, pleasure and pain. Parents speak in code when discussing it. College students stress about finding jobs to earn it, and recent college graduates scramble to learn how to manage it with college loans, the temptation of credit cards and the pressure of our "kick-the-Joneses-a$$-with- my-bigger-HDTV" consumerist culture.

A recent study by Sallie Mae shows college student credit card debt is skyrocketing. Graduates leave school with 41 percent more credit card debt than four years ago, with one in five owing at least $7,000 on plastic by the time they get their diploma. Worse yet, the study showed that more students—22 percent—make the minimum payment each month than the 17 percent who pay their bills in full. A full 82 percent said they carried balances each month, and were forced to pay finance charges, far more than the national average of about 50 percent.

That's why Campus Calm decided to speak with Monte Malhotra about the ABC’s of “Credit Calm”, and how to empower students with the tools necessary to take control over their finances. Learn how to earn your college education with less college student credit card debt. Setup healthy financial habits that will help you stress-out less for life!

Sneak Peak:
How to ensure your healthy financial future by setting your own credit card limits.
Get the scoop on how to create your customized budget plan of action and even begin investing.
Low-cost “secrets” to buy and rent college books beyond the campus bookstore.
How to avoid the campus credit card tricksters.
What you can do right now to start taking control over your finances.

Audio coaching class led by Maria Pascucci and Monte Malhotra, Campus Calm's Student Investment Expert. Malhotra is a 2010 graduate of Stanford University with a degree in Economics and author of The Young Investor’s Guide to Retiring Young.

NOTE: For $15, you will receive instant access to the audio coaching class in MP3 format, along with a pdf checklist to help you stay on track. If you would like to receive this package as an audio CD with printed checklist mailed to your door, please click on the "add $15" option on the drop down menu.

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