Time Management Secrets - CD and PDF

Time Management Secrets - CD and PDF

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Nearly two-thirds of students say they've procrastinated so much that it affected their performance on an exam, paper, or course grade, according to a February 2007 College Health Services, LLC survey.

Beverly Coggins, professional organizer, has been organizing herself and others for over 30 years, inspiring her authorship of the 1-2-3...Get Organized series. She lives with her husband in Ohio, where they are foster parents for teenage girls. They have two grown daughters.

Students: If you have a hard time juggling your full schedules, and are looking for some LIFE CHANGING ways to take back your time, let Maria and Beverly show you the way!

What you'll learn from this audio CD and transcript package:
· the most important reason why every student - even you chronic procrastinators - should commit to managing your time
· the secret to getting out of OVERWHELM - once and for all - even when you have a demanding academic course load
· how to determine your priorities, passions and gifts, and create a plan that reflects them
· how to align your time with the pastimes and people that make you shine and help you reach your dreams
· how to cheat time and get more than 60 minutes out of every hour Bonus: more time for fun & relaxation!
· how to study smarter and never worry about being unprepared for a test, quiz, exam or paper again
· how to squelch test anxiety
· how to spend time with friends every semester without letting your academics slide
· how to recognize & avoid time wasting traps so you can accomplish more and stress less  
· the ONE THING you can do immediately after the call to take control over your time

What parents will learn from this audio CD and transcript package:
· how you can help your stressed-out students manage their time and get out of overwhelm
· how to broach the subject of time management with your teen or grown child without coming across as a total nag ...

What educators will learn from this audio CD and transcript package:
· how you can help your students stay out of overwhelm and excel to their full potential
· the one thing you can do RIGHT NOW to help your students avoid test anxiety

"Time is a person's most valuable asset in life," says Maria. "This product is for any student, parent and educator who's ready to free their time to lead a happy, successful and purpose-driven life!"

"You can determine how you use your time or by default, let other plan it for you," explains Beverly. "This call is a chance for students to create a life that's guided by your own priorities rather than those of other people. You can devise a plan that will help you get good grades, manage your money, yourself and your time, find a career that fits you and have fun!"

*Bulk pricing for high schools, colleges and non-profit organizations are available. Please call Maria Pascucci for more information at 716-510-4402 or e-mail maria@campuscalm.com.

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