About Campus Calm

Our Vision at Campus Calm:


Dear Awe-Inspiring Women,

   Once upon a time, in a not-so-far-away land, there was a calm oasis for women, to practice self-trust, to play and live messy, to manifest success from confidence and courage, and role model the change we wish to seek in the world. Where we are told that we are more than the measure of our GPA, or GRE scores, the titles on our business cards, or the size of our dresses. Where we are raised to believe that we don't need to be perfect in everything that we do because we're "good enough" at our cores.Campus Calm Vision

Can you imagine a better community for yourself? For your friends, or your future daughters? I could imagine this place. So I created it! The not-so-far-away land is here … once upon OUR time. Join me and let’s shine together!

Ever after in faith of ourselves,

Campus Calm is a leadership development and empowerment company teaching resilience for college women leaders and young female professionals.

We speak from the power of personal experience to empower women to overcome their personal and private barriers to leadership:

  • Perfectionism – those feelings of not being 'good enough' no matter how much we try to accomplish, or how 'perfect' we appear on paper – which all-too-often can lead to...
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Sleep Difficulties
  • Self-Doubt


Goal: A healthier life with positive strategies to rise above stress and lead with resilience.

Maria Pascucci, our trailblazing leader, serves as a magnetic force of inspiration to teach the world that "Healthy, Resilient Women Lead."

Our Mission:

To deliver calm, confidence and well-being for today's young and ambitious woman who wants to be in charge* without sacrificing her health or self in the process.

All You

*By "in charge" we don’t exclusively mean formal, elected leadership roles, but a more encompassing definition of women in charge of their own lives; invested in their own self-growth and self-care, believing that they can lead by example to positively affect change in the world.

Our Values

We believe that integrity and ethical responsibility is at the core of all we do. We trust that young women are positioned to achieve gender equity through collaboration, seeking balance and having positive role models in their lives. We promise to always remain authentic with our customers and deliver visionary solutions through products and services that will positively impact our clients' professional and personal lives.

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