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Maria's presentations are so relevant to today's college women student leaders and they need to hear from her! I am confident that my students walked away with a greater understanding of how to balance their crazy lives!

–Rosalyn Kempf, Director, Women's Leadership Program, Mount St. Mary's College

I had a countless amount of students tell me after the presentation that " it felt like Maria was speaking directly to me; how does she know all that stuff??".
–Megghan Connolly, Class of 2010, Event Co-Organizer, SUNY Fredonia


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Women & Leadership:

What Winning Means to a Former College Perfectionist
Awards look great hanging up on the wall, but they can't validate you or make you feel "good enough." Only you can gift yourself with that wisdom. more

Take the Microphone to Grow Your Platform Like a Lead Her

Like Eleanor Roosevelt, my passion to share my message to grow my platform with a goal to help others trumped my fear of failure. So I jumped in, studied the great speeches, practiced, listened to my mentors' feedback, and improved one speech at a time...Let's collaborate to help your campus and community give voice to their leadership! more

No Greatness Comes From Fear
When was the last time you created anything meaningful, beautiful, interesting or great from a place of fear? If you're obsessed with your grades, are you seeding or weeding your passion for learning? If you're afraid to have fun, are you shutting yourself off from discovering the greatest work lesson of your life, that you work most productively when you're having fun? more

10 Affirmations for College Student Success
The reality is we women leaders get sick. We become stressed out by all our academic, work and life commitments, skimp on sleep, fill up on junk food and then when our compromised immune systems brush by some germs - well - pass the tissues. Luckily, there are ways to keep our energy levels up and our immune systems strong, able to ward off stress and fight infection. more

How Women & Men Can Empower Each Other
For women, it's our responsibility to include men in talks about women's leadership and women's rights because it's not an "us" against "them" issue. We are partners who can elevate each other. more

How Entrepreneurship Empowers Student Leaders to Stress Out Less
Entrepreneurship teaches young people that success is about passion, persistence and relationship building. In an era when far too many students are led to believe that it’s all about test scores, letters of recommendation and GPAs, this will go a long way toward reducing stress. more

Mind, Body & Soul:

20 Ways to Stress Out Less BEFORE You Reach for that Cigarette, Beer, Latte, or Pint of Cherry Garcia
Do we reach for a beer to unwind after class or work? Do we light up a cigarette to calm our nerves before a big exam or job interview? Do we turn to ice cream when we're feeling lonely or bored? Do we rely on caffeine to rev us up during the day and sleeping pills to calm us down at night? Do we want to pass those types of coping skills down to our future children? Let’s learn how to lead by example to create a better way! more

Imperfection IS Beautiful
Several years ago, I sat on the sidelines and watched other women light up rooms. They weren't stunning in the way that women are supposed to be, but they had this beauty about them that I just couldn't pinpoint. All I knew was that I was lacking in it. It was body confidence, I later found out - a confidence I embrace today, knowing full well how long it took me to find. more

Love Yourself – The Success Secret I Rediscovered Back in 2007
I went to my mirror this morning, cupped the sides of my face with my hands and said, "I forgive you." Cheesy? Yes - but it worked. I smiled at my reflection in that stupid piece of glass for the first time in weeks. And took back control over my life. What a gift to give myself first thing in the morning! more

Healthy Sleep Tips for College Women Leaders (Advice for Parents)
According to the American College Health Association, stress and sleep difficulties are the top two life issues that students say affect their studies. We need to lead by example to teach young people that sleep deprivation is not a prerequisite for success. more

College Women & Body Image: Campus Females Speak Out
"When I'm at the campus gym, I see more girls running on the treadmill extra hard trying to lose weight for bikini season. My friend recently tried on a bathing suit at Walmart and said, 'OK, I have to lose five more pounds and then I'll look good in that.'" more

Spotlight Eating Disorders, Perfectionism & Body Image on College Campuses
If you're not happy with your relationship with food or fitness, then that is a problem. You don't have to be hospitalized or have some severe eating disorder. If you don't feel like you can make choices and feel happy about them, that's a real problem. Even just coming to terms with your own body image could change the whole world if enough young women did this. more

Perfectionism, GPAs & Calming Unrealistic Expectations:

Summa Cum Laude & Valedictorian: Are They Worth It?
We are the valedictorians of the world; the summa cum laude college graduates, the academic stars. Our teachers praise us, our parents can push us and our classmates love to cheat off of us. We really, really believe that we can be anything, do anything in life if we just ace that test. We have a lot to prove ... mostly to ourselves. more

College Stress and Mental Health: A Female Student's Point of View
"Maria, I have suffered from perfectionism and anxiety for as long as I can remember, and I have grown to hate college as my academic and work stresses continue to pile up. Despite a 3.99 GPA, I am miserable and feel completely overwhelmed by the demands that I continue to put on myself." more

Get Good Grades Minus Burnout
If your motives are internally driven—if getting good grades is a goal you really want to achieve for you—then you’re probably going to be less stressed than if you’re constantly thinking, "I have to graduate with straight A’s to please my relatives and prove my worth, and I’m never going to be happy or successful if I don’t ace this next test!" more

In Pursuit of Perfection: Students Who Are Overachievers May Pay a High Psychological Price
"America is an end-product society," said Eileen Niland, director and counselor at Canisius College. "We try to get students to focus on the process. College, like life, is a journey and students should ask themselves, "Am I enjoying the ride? Am I learning?' Not "Will I get an "A' in the course?' " more


Tips on College Roommate Relations
As a former Resident Assistant, I have seen all kinds of problems with roommates, many of which can be fixed before it turns into a suite that keeps their food in locked tool boxes in the fridge. (True story!) more

Can 2 Wear Pants in 1 Relationship?
I've never been one to skirt an issue, but I despise the question, "Who wears the pants in your relationship?" When my husband and I stop working for the day, the first thing we do is change into our jeans and our covered legs co-exist quite nicely, thank you very much. more

Success & Happiness:

When "Plan A" Doesn't Work Out: Graduate School Detour
When it occurred to me that I would not be going to graduate school in the Fall of 2009, the last thing I wanted to think about was applying again. For that reason, I interpreted those rejection letters as a Never instead of a Not-Yet. Think of them more as a detour. You can still get there; you just have to go a different way. more

4 Ways to Stop the Comparison Game & Unleash Your Unique Talents
There will always be a classmate who gets better grades, wins more awards, seems so put together. Maybe she'll graduate at top of her class and go on to an Ivy League college. Land the best job. Flaunt the most impressive portfolio. Maybe she'll marry well and boast the brightest kids. Do you think that's the only way to reach success? Guess what? It's not! more

Time Management & Work/Life Balance:

5 Time Management Tips to Calm College Student Stress
If you want to calm college student stress, master time management and get out of overwhelm, even when school's in session, keep reading ... more

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