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June 30, 2010
Volume 4 :: Issue 08

  Maria Pascucci Maria Pascucci
Founder of Campus Calm

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June's Tip Courtesy of Nancy Barry, Campus Calm's Recent College Graduate Expert

10 Powerful Words to Say to Your Boss

At a recent speaking engagement, a young professional asked me a really great question. "What is the best way to develop a great working relationship with my boss?" It is a question every employee should be asking! Before I tell you what my answer was, let me share a piece of advice with you. Your number one goal should be to make your manager look good. The quicker you figure that out the better off you'll be! When you're the boss, won't you want a team of people who make you look good? Always remember, when the boss looks good, you look good. So, what's the best way to develop a great working relationship with your boss?

Every now and then, walk into your boss's office and say these 10 powerful words ...

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Words to Live By:

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
~ John Quincy Adams

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In today's issue:

F*R*E*E Audio Download: "Smart Women Know Their Why"
10 Powerful Words to Say to Your Boss
Caught in the Act
Feature article: Lessons on Marriage, Mistakes and Mowing the Lawn

Dear students, parents & educators,

Welcome to this week's issue of Campus Calm Connections. Today's issue is jam-packed with goodies, including a Fr*ee 60-minute audio coaching class, "Smart Women Know Their Why" led by me and one of my mentors and favorite business coaches, Sheri McConnell. Click here to listen in - let us know how you enjoyed it. This gift is a preview call for my forthcoming "Campus Lead-HER Success Kit" that I'm so excited to be announcing its release in January 2011. Stay tuned for further details ...

McConnell Book Sheri McConnell is the CEO of the Smart Women's Institute of Entrepreneurial Learning and author of the brand new book, Smart Women Know Their Why: A Guide for Discovering Your Life Purpose While Owning a Business So You Can Create Positive Change in the World (and Making Big Profits!). On my office door, I have Sheri's Smart Women Enjoy the Journey, Smart Steps For Success poster hanging up that I look at daily for inspiration.

For all my awesome subscribers, you can get your poster and fr*ee Smart Steps For Success Kit by clicking here. Enjoy!

Caught in the Act Speaking - 2010 National Conference for College Women Student Leaders

Brittany Williams from SUNY Fredonia was kind enough to post a short video of me leading my workshop "Success Starts With Self-Love" at the 2010 National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. Brittany caught me in the act with her cell phone (cool features that cell phones have today!). Click on the video below to watch.
Maria Pascucci and Campus Calm TV on YouTube

I'm also excited to announce that I will be leading two workshops in November at the National Conference on Student Leadership in Lake Buena Vista, Florida! Click here to learn more. I'll be leading "Success Starts With Self-Love" and "When 'A' Equals Anxiety: How to Ditch Your Inner Perfectionist" to help students develop personal leadership skills. I'd love to meet you in person at this event!

If you enjoy reading Campus Calm Connections, drop me an email. I'd love to hear from you!

Live your vision of a happy, purposeful life,

Maria Pascucci,
President & Founder Campus Calm – Empowering students to become authentic leaders and change-makers.

Maria Pascucci and Campus Calm TV on YouTube

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What students are saying:

Campus Calm University relates to me in so many ways from being uncertain about a college major, to being afraid of the word failure, to finding my passion, and so much more.
—Ashley, 19, Penn State University

Campus Calm University helps so many people: the perfectionist, GPA-stressed high school student; a broken-down, disillusioned college student who sees "Undecided Major" as a death sentence instead of a doorway to opportunities; or possibly an astray twentysomething who thought knowledge ended with the tossing of his graduation cap. Through Maria Pascucci's writings, one can find the true "secrets" to understanding how perfectionism, low self-esteem, and a loss of sleep and nutrition will affect ALL aspects of a person's life. Campus Calm University ultimately speaks that a healthy, happy life filled with love and gratitude is not the key to success, but success itself.
—Alex, 16, high school junior

5 out of 5 stars .. I just finished Maria's book, and it is excellent! Between her years of wisdom and interviews with experts, she shares great advice I wish I had heard when I first started Stanford University. Every student should read this book so they can balance striving for success with living a healthy lifestyle!
—Monte Malhotra, 2010 Graduate, Stanford University, author of The Young Investor's Guide to Retiring Young

Let Campus Calm University help you on your journey.


Feature Article: Lessons on Marriage, Mistakes and Mowing the Lawn

By: Maria Pascucci, Founder & President, Campus Calm

Maria Lawn My husband Shaun and I will be celebrating our 8-year wedding anniversary this summer, and we have been dating for nearly fourteen years. So I can safely say that I know a thing or two about marriage and relationships in general. The key to a healthy marriage is sharing the household chores, and trying really, really hard not to keep score (the one who comes up short on the scoreboard, namely me, will also be the one to invent this rule).

Click here to read this feature article and learn how Maria's lessons in lawn care can help you become successful leaders both inside and outside of the classroom. Plus, you get to laugh at Maria...



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Calming Down Changed My Life

My name is Maria Pascucci and I am the president and founder of Campus Calm. I am a leadership speaker, author and entrepreneur who discovered the joy of creating my own success when I stopped trying to prove to the world that I was the best.

A perfectionist and stressaholic throughout my high school and college years, I'd rather skip an assignment than risk turning in a less–than–perfect paper. After years of denying myself happiness in an effort to strive for perfection, I graduated with a 3.92 GPA and fell into depression. I never once congratulated myself for graduating from college because all I could think about was my next task: trying to prove myself in the real world!

Somewhere along the way in the past nine years since graduation, I ditched my need to be perfect and began focusing on what I wanted, not what my family and friends thought that I needed. Guess what? It was the most liberating thing I've ever done – and it paved the way for the success I enjoy today. My only regret is that I can't go back and help the stressed out student that I was once. But I can others.

Now I'm on a mission: to spread a dose of "campus calm" to stressed-out high school and college students world-wide so you don't have to suffer needlessly like I did.

Questions & comments – Please email me at the address below. I'm thrilled to hear from you!

Maria Pascucci,
President & Founder

Campus Calm–Empowering students to become authentic leaders and change-makers.
Phone: 716–510–4402
446 Parker Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14216


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