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February 01, 2012
Volume 6 :: Issue 01

  Maria Pascucci Maria Pascucci
President of Campus Calm™

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February's Tip Courtesy of Lauren Mateer, Campus Calm's LeadHer™ Intern

Keeping Calm While Studying Abroad

Last spring I had the chance to study abroad in London (with fellow interns Meg and Allie!). It was an amazing experience, and one I knew I wanted to repeat. However, this time I wanted to try something a little bit more intense than just going to school in a different country for a few months. Thatís why I'm about to start a semester of studying in Seville, Spain. Not only will I be living with a host family rather than an apartment with other students, but all of my classes will be in Spanish! This is incredibly exciting, but of course new experiences always come with new challenges. However, I've got a few ideas for staying calm and balanced while I'm studying abroad...

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Words to Live By:

I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.
–Maya Angelou


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Love Your Perfectly Imperfect Self this Valentine's Day month
Keeping Calm While Studying Abroad

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February Black History Month Women's Quote & Your Leadership Action Step

Welcome Message From the Founder:

Welcome to your February issue of Campus Calm Connections™. A big "thank you" to all our new subscribers! We've been working incredibly hard to ensure 2012 is a year Blogof service to all of you, our loyal clients, customers and friends. On that note, we're excited to introduce you to Campus Calm's brand new blog - "your blog space to embrace your "perfectly imperfect" self and lead! My team of college women interns and I will be blogging multiple times per week on the subjects of self-care, keeping calm and stepping into authentic leadership while actualizing our internal power as women. We'll be adding new categories this month on women's health, finances and careers. Send us a message and let us know what you'd like to see us blog about. Want to intern with Campus Calm and have your own column on our blog? Click here for details.

Lily We'd like to welcome Lily Welborn to our LeadHer™ Internship Team. Lily is a sophomore at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, and is majoring in International Studies, with a discipline in Political Science and a focus on Latin America. Click here to learn more about Lily and our team of college women interns!

Campus Calm on the Road!

UC MercedI'll be leading my keynote presentation "Success Starts With Self-Love" at the University of California, Merced on March 16 for Women's History Month. Let me know if you'd like to book me to speak at your school while I'm on the West Coast! E-mail me here! I'm also booking for the Spring & Fall 2012 semesters.

Ever after in faith of ourselves,

Maria Pascucci,
President & Founder Campus Calm™ – Your space to embrace your "perfectly imperfect" self & lead!


Love Your "Perfectly Imperfect" Self this Valentine's Day Month!

By: Maria Pascucci, Founder & President, Campus Calm™

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