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The Allie Way – A story for Mental Health May!

So, I keep telling myself that I need to stop relating all of my blogs so directly to mental health. I don’t want to seem like it’s the only aspect of life I care about! But I keep going back … Continue reading

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The Allie Way – What do you stand for?

Tonight I am participating in a “Speak Your Mind” (SYM) Panel for my college’s chapter of Active Minds.  SYM Panels have become a major part of my life in the past two years. These were created by a former president … Continue reading

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GLBT Student Stress Expert’s Tip of the Month – October

Every student has a choice when it comes to bullying By: Lyndsey D’Arcangelo When you are in high school, everything seems to matter so much — from wearing the right clothes to hanging around with the right friends and from … Continue reading

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