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In Defense of Relaxation

In a culture which encourages us to be constantly busy, we can feel that relaxing is unproductive and lazy. Even when we want to unwind, we often experience guilt and shame and continue to stress about our obligations and deadlines. … Continue reading

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The Allie Way – Time Time Time, Stress Stress Stress!

As my fellow interns have been mentioning, Maria kindly gave us some time off last week, in order to embrace some of what National Stress Awareness Month is all about! And I was so grateful for that time, because so … Continue reading

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Mondays with Meg: Vacation Style!

Maria gave all of us interns a wonderful little break from blogging. (Thanks Maria!) So what did I get to do today? Indulge in one of my favorite/silly hobbies: painting my nails! I’m letting them dry now as I take a break … Continue reading

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