The Allie Way – When the world seems to suck you in…

Hello! First of all I want to apologize for being absent for so many weeks. As usual, life feels “crazier than ever,” and I feel like I’ve been sucked into some kind of time portal since entering grad school, where I always seem to have too much to do and no time to do it in! But I have heard that this is very common in graduate school. Balancing work, school and my extracurricular activities is no easy task. Not to mention I have absolutely no social life whatsoever. The only people I ever see are my classmates and my co-workers. I will probably be posting individual blogs about my work and the subsection of an organization I am trying to put together, but for now I will just discuss the balancing act of my life.

I have a tendency to slip into a “bad place” when things go wrong. But this is something that I have been working on a LOT over the past several years, and I have actually improved dramatically. And when I describe my life to some people, they begin to worry, thinking that it sounds unhappy. But my situation isn’t unhappy. Sure, I’ve been happier. And yes I am completely busy. And to be honest, I do not feel like anything that I am doing is currently very rewarding in any kind of emotional sense.

But there are two components that are keeping me from slipping. One is that I am simply too busy to slip. Every now and then I will get this feeling like I just want to completely shut down and curl up in a ball. But I quickly remind myself how unproductive that would be, and I know that dealing with the aftermath of shutting down like that would be worse than what I’m currently dealing with. The other component is keeping myself future-oriented.

Right now, what do I have going for me, on a daily basis? Ehh… not a whole lot. Not to say I’m not working towards things, because I definitely am. But I’m not doing things on a daily basis that make me happy or that, quite frankly, are making a difference to anybody. BUT I know that I’ve gotten the “pointlessness woes” before, and they always pass eventually. Something will come along—maybe a friend or a project—who will make my short-term feel more important. But regardless of whether that happens or when it happens, I am definitely doing things that are important for my future. My job brings me a great deal of anxiety (more than school does, actually) for various reasons, but I am making money which will help me pay off my debts in a few years. True, I’m working minimum wage and get no benefits, but that’s a different story. The point is, I’m still earning something. And school… I’m building knowledge and experience that will help me get my counseling license. And in even shorter term, it will help me get internships in the fall—something I’m excited for. And trying to organize mental health panels on campus is going slower than I had hoped and expected (partially due to my busy schedule), but I am making little baby steps with that too. And all of these things will be worth it in the end. All of these things have potential to make my future really special and worth everything I am currently enduring.

Yes, there are times I get down. But positive thoughts really make a difference. What helps you when finding a “point to it all” seems difficult? How do you get through times like these? I’d love to hear some of your techniques and helpful hints.

Good luck to everyone who is feeling swamped and overwhelmed. All your struggling WILL be worth it someday! :)


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The Best Gift ANYONE Could Give & Receive This Holiday Season is…

It’s LOVE.

Suggestions: Give Hugs, Give Kisses, Give Smiles, Give Thanks, Give Acknowledgement and, most of all, Give Your Time. Show encouragement and compassion. Forgive. Recharge. Keep Calm! Write a letter to someone who needs it (yourself included!) that says, “I admire you because…” or “You have so many gifts that you share with the world every day. Here’s what I see…” The Cost = Nothing. The Value = Priceless.

Words to Remember: Leaders give and aren’t afraid to receive.

Daily Affirmation: “I spread love with a grateful heart and joyously receive it back in return!”

Merry Christmas from Campus Calm™, and have a blessed holiday season!

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What would you like to try today?

When you try something new and release the pressure to be perfect from the start, you may surprise yourself by how much you enjoy it! What would you like to try today? How could you make the process more fun for yourself? We’d love to support you! Happy Monday!

Ever after in faith of ourselves,

-Maria Pascucci
Founder & President
Campus Calm™

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What to do when people “should” all over you

The next time some one tells you what you “should” do, take a step back and ask yourself, “What do I ‘choose’ to do?” When people tell you what you should do, they’re usually coming from a loving place and are genuinely trying to help you, but that doesn’t mean they know you better than you know yourself!

Empowering questions:

How could you respond in an empowered manner to a loved one who is telling you what you should do? How could you respond in a disempowering manner? Imagine how you would feel saying either response. Imagine how the other person would feel hearing either response. Which response will you choose? Remember that we can respond in more ways than one, so imagine as many responses as is helpful and trust yourself to choose what works the best for you!

Keeping calm is an important first step to an empowered response! Let me know how it goes, and if you have any questions at all!

Ever after in faith of ourselves,

-Maria Pascucci
Founder & President
Campus Calm™

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Mondays with Meg: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…Crunch Time!

Do what you can with what you have, where you are.


After a bit of a hiatus, I’m back to my Monday blog and it feels good to be writing again. Ever since Thanksgiving break, I’ve been caught up in this dreadful part of the semester, known so lovingly as crunch time (aka those last two to three weeks of the fall term when everything is due all at once). And I’ve noticed that being in grad school is no different than my undergraduate experience…these last few weeks are the most dreaded of the entire fall term for me.

Thankfully, it’s my last week of classes and I have one more week of finals. But all of the things I let slip by are finally starting to catch up with me. I find it’s very easy to beat myself up about all of the things I should’ve done this semester: “Why didn’t you start your research earlier?” “You should’ve studied harder for that test.” “You’ve made things more difficult for yourself by waiting for so long!” And this line of thought can go on for hours and hours. I find that I become so overwhelmed when I think of all of the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” of the past semester.

But what purpose does that serve? Am I accomplishing anything by beating myself up for the mistakes I’ve made? Nope. I am wasting time and energy worrying about things that can’t be changed instead of being proactive about the things I can control. Staring at deadlines and due dates isn’t helping me–it’s only worrying me more.

This morning, I was lying in bed just moments before my alarm clock went off. The moment I opened my eyes, my entire to-do list started shuffling around in my brain. That little nagging voice in my head started yelling at me “How are you going to get all of this done?!” I felt choked up and trapped beneath my work. I was giving too much power to that voice, believing her too easily. But then, I decided to do something about it. I set my alarm for a few minutes later and decided to take that extra time to just relax. I didn’t need to finish all of my assignments right at that moment. I still had time, I told that voice.  I just needed to take it one day at a time, doing as much as I could each day.

Those few moments of calm were enough to convince me that I should get out of bed and actually start the day. It’s funny how you can become paralyzed by fear that you create for yourself. Too often, I forget that I can control that self-created fear and worry. So as finals week approaches for so many of us, I remind you to take the time to relax and restore your confidence in yourself. Remember that you can’t change the past, but you can control your actions in the present. Everything isn’t due all at once–you have time.

Good luck on finals week to all! If you have tips on how you get through these crunch times, please feel free to share with me. :)


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