The Power of Self-Acceptance in Leadership

Know what’s truly freeing for a recovering perfectionist turned coach like me? Realizing that I don’t have to please everyone and I don’t have to know everything because a coach helps people come up with their own answers. I get to be me, have my own viewpoints, and take a stand on what I believe in, knowing that my viewpoint isn’t the only viewpoint to consider, though it IS worth considering. Then everyone else gets to choose if they resonate with who I am, what I stand for, and if they want to work with me. Alignment in core values = synergy and a successful collaborative relationship. When you speak through your fear and be yourself, trusting that you have a right to have a voice, you empower and embolden others to know that Truth for themselves too. — feeling the power of self-acceptance.

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In friendship,
Maria Pascucci
Certified Professional Coach, Author, National Speaker
Founder, Campus Calm®

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