What happens when you acknowledge fear and go for it anyway?

I’m taking my oral exam at 3:30pm this afternoon and once I pass it, I’ll be a fully certified life coach through iPEC Coaching. I’ve had a moment of reflection this morning that I wanted to share with all my friends. Last year when I was making the choice to sign up with iPEC I read in their brochure that the final exam consisted of coaching a coach and having it taped for the staff to assess afterwards. Self-doubt and fear immediately crept in. I thought about when I was 17 years old being trained as a waitress at a pizzeria and my manager was standing beside me watching me interact with customers, listening to my every word. I remembered feeling so self-conscious being watched, desperately wanting my manager to disappear. That fear was triggered again last year when I thought about a recorded oral exam. Even though I felt that fear in my body, I made the choice to trust that I would learn the necessary skills in a supportive community, and then when the time would come to take my final exam, I would stand in confidence.

That day is today, and as I reviewed my course material this morning, no fear crept up. I just felt blessed to have learned all that I have this year, and I reflected on how much I’ve grown. On my first day of my coach training, I wrote in an Intention exercise, “I am fully confident that I’m going to be a great life coach.” When I wrote that statement, the unspoken phrase that followed was, “I hope….” I now know that I’m a great coach, and I also know that it’s not about me, it’s about helping my clients know their full potential as I’ve begun to know mine. I also wrote down, “This weekend, I’m going to make four friends and we are going to be each other’s support network.” I made MANY more friends than four and widened my support network in spades! If any of you, my dear Campus Calm friends and family, have a goal–have a dream–that you want to make come true, ask yourself, “What would it look like to acknowledge my fear, and take the leap of faith anyway?” I promise you that in the words of iPEC, “Each of us is greater and wiser than we appear to be.” See and stand in your full potential today my friends.

In friendship,

Maria Pascucci
Founder & President
Campus CalmĀ®

PS: Want to learn how you can become a life coach? Click on this link to learn more!

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