Overstressing Achievements

At the beginning of the semester I was offered an opportunity to take a class where if I achieved the highest grade, I would be awarded with a special distinction in that class. Although a small number of students achieve the highest grade, I knew that I could meet the requirements to attain that distinction but I simply didn’t find the class to be stimulating and it wouldn’t help me to develop news skills. Saying no to an accolade can be hard for perfectionists, but I was at peace with my decision and I didn’t hesitate to tell my professor that I wasn’t interested in the prospect of getting a distinction.

When we are constantly motivated by achievements we can forget how to be present. We focus on what that achievement will bring to us in the future and torture ourselves with missed opportunities of accomplishing something in the past. Sometimes those accomplishments are not in alignment with our own goals and they can take us further from a place where we want to be. When attainment is not aligned with our core aspirations we don’t feel content.

For about a week I tested myself to see if I would start to think that I made a wrong choice. To be honest, I was slightly surprised how uninterested in it I was. There are different places where you can learn and grow and the one where you can be honored with an award might not necessarily be the best place. Keep an open mind and try not to overemphasize accolades.

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