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Overstressing Achievements

At the beginning of the semester I was offered an opportunity to take a class where if I achieved the highest grade, I would be awarded with a special distinction in that class. Although a small number of students achieve … Continue reading

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Wendy’s World: Create a Personal Foundation

Within the past few years, I have come across some personal problems that I am still dealing with in my life.  Through these experiences, I have learned one extremely valuable lesson: know your values. I always thought I knew what … Continue reading

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The Allie Way – Fight the SADness! :)

Winter weather got you down? You may be familiar with Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD.  I won’t bore you with the scientific specifics, since any questions can be answered with good ol’ google and Wikipedia. But basically, SAD, … Continue reading

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Overwhelmed? Keep Calm to Avoid Using the Force Quit!

Want to know what happens when you try to open iChat, Photoshop, Microsoft Outlook and InDesign at the same time? Nothing. The computer spins its multi-colored wheels until you either wait patiently or force quit. This is what happens when … Continue reading

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