Recently I interviewed Sara Forte, a food writer behind the Sprouted Kitchen, and the quote above was her answer to the following question: What drives you to live wholeheartedly and be authentic?

Sara’s blog isn’t just about recipes. It shows what kind of life is possible when you decide to take a leap of faith, leave your windowless cubicle and do what you really love. It proves that you don’t have to figure out everything right after college and that great things can happen when you are courageous enough to be vulnerable.

When I decided to interview Sara, I knew that I wanted the interview to appear in the printed issue of a university newspaper. I was also aware that most of the articles get published online, and as someone who has never written anything for that newspaper, I knew that the article of a senior writer would probably be used. Nevertheless, I didn’t hesitate to be honest and tell the features editor that I was looking for a publication which would publish my article in print.

This experience exceeded my expectations when the editor suggested the interview for the front page of the features section, which is usually set aside for something  related to the university. The article is far from perfect and there were a couple of compromises which had to be made, but it was a chance for me to contact one of my favorite bloggers. Many young women today are afraid to voice their opinion and the fear of rejection discourages them from trying to do what makes them happy. My imperfect article is sitting on my desk, and I got the opportunity to learn more about Sara and that was only possible by not letting my inner perfectionist hold me back.

-Danica, Lead Her Intern, Campus Calm™


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