The Magnificence of Uncertainty


When Maria asked me to write a blog post as a new intern for Campus Calm, I must admit that I felt uneasy. As I am writing, I still feel very reluctant to the idea of posting my thoughts online, mainly because I like to keep things to myself, but more because as a perfectionist I tend to over-think. As perfectionists, we always feel that everything we do has to be extraordinary. The fact that my posts won’t be, makes me slightly anxious, but the idea behind my column is for it to serve as a reminder and encouragement, not just for the readers but for me as well.

Above all, what I struggled with the most is a fear that someone might twist my words or misunderstand me. However, taking risks has always been important to me since I love to endeavor to expand my knowledge and discover new things. Writing this post wasn’t very easy because I know that I’m not a good writer so the fact that other people will actually read something about me and written by me makes me uncomfortable. At the same time I love challenges and, more than anything, change. I know that this experience will be my teacher and that it will help me in many ways.

My life has been rather unpredictable so I have always embraced the uncertainty. Many people are afraid of the unknown and avoid any change. However, that way you deprive yourself of learning more about the world around you and about yourself. Consider different opportunities and test your resilience. Uncertainty is magnificent, and I encourage you to do something different and explore the world unknown to you.

Lead Her Intern, Campus Calm™

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