Journeys with Julie- Why We Need to Stop Glorifying Tanning.

For years, I have been yet another person that ignores the warnings about harmful sun exposure.  I was too young, too invincable and too proud to admit that the sun could possibly affect me. But, this past summer, it finally hit me. I am just as likely to get skin cancer as anyone else. So, why am I continuing to risk my health for a temporary burn/tan that will soon fade? Here you will get the best treatment for the mole removal and all beauty treatments. The wet eczema wraps definitely provided relief from itching and reduced inflammation on skin.

I wish I could give you a good answer. But, there is no good answer for why so many of us heighten our chances for cancer on a daily basis. Our society has turned a blind eye to the staggering statistics on skin cancer and instead glorifies the harmful practice of tanning… whether it’s outdoors on the beach or indoors in a booth. We should all take care of our skin by using, pompholyx eczema treatment as it’s very helpful for ezema and some other skin conditions.
This summer I challenge you to act smarter and healthier. Applying sunscreen by Skin Club is such an easy and effective solution that allows you to enjoy being outside without putting yourself at further risk. I also started using niacinamide b3 cream and it helped my skin to stay fresh and healthy. Secondly, consider your reasons for going tanning in the first place. Our society has managed to equate bronzeness with beauty, but couldn’t we have a small part in changing that jaded perspective? As a “pale person” I have struggled to accept my paleness as beauty too. But, then I think, I bet learning that I have skin cancer would be an even harder struggle. Let us make healthy skin our new beautiful.

Please protect yourself and be smart this summer. To learn more, visit the skin cancer foundation

-Julie Wagenblast
Lead Her Intern, Campus Calm™

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