Lauren’s Lounge: Body Peace Win!

One of the best things about summer is relaxing, and the other day while I was watching Masterchef reruns (my summer addiction) I picked up a copy of Seventeen magazine that my little sister had left on the sofa. The editor’s note introduced the magazine’s “Body Peace Project,” in which editor Ann Shoket vowed that Seventeen does not alter their models’ body shapes with airbrushing or Photoshop. The note also mentioned a body peace “treaty” which I found on their website HERE. Intrigued, I did a little more research and discovered that the announcement was in response to a 14-year-old who started a petition asking the magazine to include at least one unaltered photo in each issue.

Although I’m outside of Seventeen’s demographic, I’m sure, I still appreciate the fact that the magazine aims to promote good body image to girls. Of course, they’re not perfect—they may not be photoshopping models’ bodies skinnier, but I also doubt they’re hiring anyone over a certain “ideal” size to grace the pages of the magazine—but it’s a start. And the fact that it came to be as the result of a young woman’s petition shows that letting the media know we want to see more promotion of good body image can actually be successful!

A similar campaign has been started to ask Teen Vogue not to digitally alter the bodies of their models—you can sign the petition HERE!

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