Journeys with Julie- Negotiating Your Salary

Statistics show that women are far less likely to negotiate their salaries than men. For example, one study conducted by Carnegie Mellon of their graduating professional students showed that males were eight times more likely to negotiate their salaries than females. Some studies have even delved deeper into this disparity, claiming that the reason women are less willing to negotiate is due to their lack of confidence, that they are less competitive than men, or even that they are “too sweet” in an interview making their chances much lower. But, statistics aside, personal experience has shown me that women are just as capable as men of negotiating a fair salary. They just need to believe it.

As a recent graduate, I’ve been through the strenuous process of negotiating my own salary. While at first money was something I dreaded even mentioning, I learned that negotiating isn’t something to be feared. With experience, I became more comfortable selling myself in an interview and believing in my own worth. In addition, I learned a few tricks and tips along the way that helped me appropriately discuss my salary/hourly wage. Here are some tips:

–Research and learn about what various companies are offering for positions similar to the one you are interviewing for. This will give you a ballpark range. Many companies list the salary offered on the job post itself.

–Remind them of your past experiences/what you bring to this job.

–Consider other parts of your job including the benefits you might receive, possibility/likelihood of promotions, etc.

–It doesn’t hurt to ask…but ask nicely. Always appear to be confident, yet polite.

–Remember that you’re more than just a statistic. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t inherently make you a weaker negotiator.

-Julie Wagenblast
Lead Her Intern, Campus Calm™

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