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Wendy’s World: An Important Lesson Learned in Vietnam

Wow!  So this summer, I am interning with a non-governmental organization in Hanoi, Vietnam, and I have already been in Hanoi for one week.  It has been amazing so far. Although I have only been here for a short amount … Continue reading

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Journeys with Julie- My Take on the F Word

As someone who often speaks out about issues related to women’s rights, I’m often deemed a feminist by my friends and family. However, I’ve always shied away from this title, preferring not to be labeled at all.  Frankly, I just … Continue reading

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The Allie Way – Breathing in the Fresh Air!

It’s almost officially the start of a new summer! The sun is up and the days are longer now—all I want to do is lounge around outside! But despite the fact that I’m done with school until fall, I still … Continue reading

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Mondays with Meg: Food for Thought from Tiny Buddha

Ah, another Monday! This week, I’ve had a few things on my mind…especially regarding criticism and negative energy from others. While I’ve been called headstrong and relentless in past, I also have some pretty thin skin. I can defend myself … Continue reading

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Wendy’s World: Free Time to Finally Reflect

With the school year finally over, life has dramatically slowed down and I find myself with much more time on my hands to reflect on how the semester ended. This past semester was definitely the most hectic that I have … Continue reading

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