Journeys with Julie- The Dreaded Interview Questions

I once read that to work for Google, you must be able to answer the question, “Why are manhole covers round?” Answer: “Because regardless of how they are positioned, they will not fall through round manholes.”

Sure, this is one of the more unusual questions you might get asked in an interview, but it’s a great example of the types of questions you should be prepared to answer. Of course, I’ve never been asked this particular question, but I have been asked many similar ones in my interview experience. Questions that ask me to solve uncomfortable scenarios or place me at the edge of my seat. Questions that catch me off-guard and really get me thinking!

Knowing I’m not alone in this situation, I decided to ask my friends and recent graduates about some of the questions they’ve been asked and they did not disappoint. Here are some of the weirdest/funniest/most difficult questions they were asked in an interview:

  1. “If you were an animal, what would you be and why?”
  2. “What’s your favorite book? I answered Harry Potter… I didn’t get the job.”
  3. “How much wine do you drink and how often?”
  4. “If you have two candles that burn an hr. each, how do you measure 45 minutes?”
  5. “What THREE adjectives best describe you?”
  6. “What is the circumference of the Earth?”
  7. “How many pennies are on this campus?”
  8. “How many cups of coffee are sold each day in America? You have five minutes and I want a number…GO!”
  9. “What would you say to a parent if their child bit another child?”
  10. “What’s your favorite cereal?”

So, as you can see, these questions really run the gamut from easy to difficult, funny to weird, and everything in between. The most important thing to remember is that you might not have all the answers, but if you let your personality and intelligence shine through, you’ll be that much closer to scoring that coveted position!

-Julie Wagenblast
LeadHer™ Intern, Campus Calm™
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