Journeys with Julie- My UNEXPECTED Job Dilemma

I thought the hardest thing about the job hunt would be getting a job… I apply EVERYWHERE, network, and wait for the phone to ring….and eventually, it rings! I’m ecstatic, but then I am put into another situation, one I didn’t think I’d have to be in. Should I take this job or wait for something better? A part of me thinks I’m being picky or even selfish, overlooking the fact that I was lucky enough to have at least one job offer. But then, there’s the other side of me, the one that knows that this job really doesn’t fit me. Sure, I applied, and yes, the job description sounded ideal! But, then I learn more about the job and something just doesn’t sit right…my gut is saying no.

So, I said no. Wow, am I going to regret that? Well, I can’t tell you the thought doesn’t scare me that another job won’t come around…but I also know that settling for a job you know you’ll be unhappy in would create many more regrets. And I’m just not ready to settle yet.  After all, living with your parents after college isn’t so bad, right?

For now, I’m continuing to look at my options and remaining hopeful that a job I will enjoy will come around. In the meantime, I’ve added a new “must-have” to the list of job requirements. It’s happiness and it’s right at the very top.

-Julie Wagenblast
LeadHer™ Intern, Campus Calm™
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