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Mondays with Meg: Stressful Speaking

Happy Monday everyone! I’m glad to say it’s a beautiful day in Ithaca (which is very unusual for Central New York, especially this time of year) and I’m enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. Days like these make me so … Continue reading

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Journeys with Julie- Creating my Own Bucket List

I’m constantly on the hunt for new sources of inspiration. Last week, I was reminded of one such source in the form of a TV show that has had me motivated every since. The show is called, “The Buried Life,” … Continue reading

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The Allie Way – Time Time Time, Stress Stress Stress!

As my fellow interns have been mentioning, Maria kindly gave us some time off last week, in order to embrace some of what National Stress Awareness Month is all about! And I was so grateful for that time, because so … Continue reading

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Lauren’s Lounge: making the big decisions

Well, Maria was wonderful enough to give us interns a week off last week for National Stress Awareness Month, but as I accidentally took the rather stressful week before spring break last week off as well (sorry!), I have a … Continue reading

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Mondays with Meg: Vacation Style!

Maria gave all of us interns a wonderful little break from blogging. (Thanks Maria!) So what did I get to do today? Indulge in one of my favorite/silly hobbies: painting my nails! I’m letting them dry now as I take a break … Continue reading

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