Journeys with Julie- Lovin’ Mother Earth

One of the things Campus Calm calls upon us to do is to be leaders in our community. I think Earth Day (4/22/12) is just one of those great days which reminds me how I can be an example to my community. As a big recycler and general conservationist, I love that there’s an entire day dedicated to showing some love to Mother Earth. For me that means not only dressing like the Earth, (I wear 25% green and 75% blue ….I kid you not) but reminding myself and others to put a little extra effort into helping to save our Earth. Here are just some of the SIMPLEST things you can do to help out…and save money!

  • Buy a Nalgene or a Canteen. It’s cheaper than buying a million water bottles and takes maybe 30 extra seconds to fill up.
  • Cut down on the amount you drive. Not only are gas prices high right now, but driving also pollutes our environment. With spring here, walk to where you’re going or bike!
  • Be that awesome person who picks up that piece of trash outside.
  • Turn off your light when leaving the room…and do the same when out!

These really are some easy ways you can help out and make a big difference…it’s a win/win!

-Julie Wagenblast
LeadHer™ Intern, Campus Calm™
Learn more about Julie here.

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