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Enjoying my time abroad during a trip to Morocco this past weekend

Today I realized that a month from yesterday is the end of my semester in Sevilla, and a month from tomorrow, I will be back in the United States. It’s definitely bittersweet because as much as I am enjoying my time abroad and will miss it a lot when I return to the U.S. (especially because I have no idea when my next chance to travel like this could be), I’m also looking forward to being home. I’ve decided that this summer is going to be a summer of Doing Things; I have big plans, like running regularly and getting back into playing the piano and the guitar. As I was making a list of things to do this summer (my last during college), I got the idea to look back at the New Year’s Resolutions I made at the beginning of January. What I realized is that I’m on the verge of completing a number of them already—I am 45 books into my goal of reading 50 books, while I wouldn’t consider myself fluent in Spanish yet I’m definitely on my way and I feel a lot more comfortable speaking and studying in it, and I’ve been updating my blog at least once a week for the past few months. In fact, pretty much the only NYR I haven’t completed/nearly completed yet is my resolution to participate in NaNoWriMo for the second time, but I can’t do that until November.

So then I thought, why wait until January 2013 to make more resolutions? They’re so much more fun than plain old goals, and also I really like to make to-do lists. Here are a few of my April Resolutions!

  1. Read 25 more books. Ideally I’ll read the last 5 books for my 50 books goal and then another 50 for a total of 100, but I read 75 books last year so I think that is a good goal for this year too. I love Project Gutenberg for finding free classic books to put on my e-reader (right now I’m reading Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell and rereading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes).
  2. Write every day. I’ve been trying to write at least 750 words a day and tracking it using the awesome website 750words (238 day streak!) but sometimes I’m just too tired to do anything more than ramble about my day. My April Resolution is to write more fiction, essays, blog posts, anything that has some kind of form beyond a list of what I ate for lunch.
  3. Exercise! My ever-present New Year’s Resolution has to be an April Resolution as well, of course! I’ve been walking a lot in Spain (from the neighbourhood where I live to my school it’s almost two miles, and I make the walk four times a day every weekday), but I want to run more. I think that this summer I’m going to try a running plan, rather than just a promise to myself to run more often. Any recommendations?
  4. Play Music. I took 13 years of piano lessons and 5 years of guitar lessons and I’ve barely touched either instrument in the past few years, which is something I definitely regret. In my homestay here in Sevilla, I live near someone who plays the piano; I can always hear them through the walls and it definitely makes me miss playing myself. When I get home this summer, I’m going to get back to trying to memorize Beethoven’s Pathétique Sonata.

There’s never a bad time to make goals, and so I don’t think there’s ever a bad time to make New Year’s April Resolutions either! What do you think of my April Resolutions? Do you have any April Resolutions of your own?

– Lauren Mateer
LeadHer™ Intern, Campus Calm™
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