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Sleep Deprivation Effects: I’m Too Tired to Come Up With a Creative Title for This Blog Post

Friday’s my day to post to the blog and I must admit I’m experiencing some writer’s block. I surfed the Internet trying to come up with a topic that’s interesting, though nothing was inspiring my creative juices to flow. Cyberbullying … Continue reading

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Journeys with Julie- Hope and Magic in the Everyday

Just over a year ago, I began what would end up being my BEST college experience. After hitting that inevitable college slump that had me exhausted, overworked, and questioning everything, I knew I needed a break. I heard about the … Continue reading

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The Allie Way – How do you lead?

Now that I am in my final semester of undergraduate education (where did the last 4 years go??), I have been thinking a lot about my future. Specifically, I have been thinking about how I am going to take charge … Continue reading

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Mondays with Meg: Mind Chatter

Another Monday is upon us, and thus another very busy week for me. As I’m attempting to balance all of my commitments and mental/physical well being, I find an old “friend” of mine creeping in again: the mind chatter. I’ve … Continue reading

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Lily’s Life – Letting Happiness and Sadness Wash Over You

Why hello again my friends! I hope all is well with everyone who is reading this. To be quite honest,  I have had quite an unproductive Saturday. I woke up around 6 (I have no idea why), and proceeded to … Continue reading

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