Lily’s Life – Letting Happiness and Sadness Wash Over You

Why hello again my friends! I hope all is well with everyone who is reading this.

To be quite honest,  I have had quite an unproductive Saturday. I woke up around 6 (I have no idea why), and proceeded to fall promptly back asleep after a most excellent breakfast.

While I was eating dinner at a Thai restaurant with my roommate a couple hours ago, I came across a realization. Not necessarily a full blown moment of enlightenment, just the sudden understanding of a feeling that I’ve been experiencing quite frequently of late. It’s safe to say that lately I’ve been harboring some sadness that is quite irritating, and comes up at all the wrong times. For instance, yesterday I began to cry in a coffee shop while ordering coffee because the song playing reminded me of my ex-boyfriend. However, I proceeded to have an honest conversation with the young man behind the counter, who was having a less than ideal day himself. He had been working all day, and felt beaten down and somewhat despondent. Our short exchange represented a mutual acknowledgement of the other’s internal struggles, and was, in a way, comforting and reassuring. It does the soul well to know that everyone has their days.

Anyways, back to my dinner story. Lately I’ve been trying so hard to not be sad, to be that perfect care-free girl, to deny everything that brings me down every now and then. As I have mentioned before, these expectations only worsen your mood, and have the potential to completely inhibit your ability to heal emotionally. I have decided to simply accept everything I feel; let it all wash over me, happiness and sadness alike.

So, here’s  a quote I will leave you all with, it made my day better. I hope it makes yours better too.

“When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful.”
-Barbara Bloom
- In friendship,


-Lily Welborn
LeadHer™ Intern, Campus Calm™
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