Making Yourself a Priority.

One important lesson I’ve learned is that you should always make time for the people and things you care most about. It’s pretty simple really… if you care about something, then you pay something or someone enough attention to show value to them. But most of us forget to include ourselves in this equation. Like our friends and family, schoolwork, and jobs, we also need to make time for ourselves. In our list of priorities, you should not fall at the bottom; rather, if you give yourself the attention you need, the rest often follows.

For me, this is a lesson I must relearn almost every week.  It’s pretty easy to allow the stress of school, work and life in general to become overwhelming. However, I was lucky enough to take a class one semester called “Stress Management.” This class has taught me some amazing tools and skills I need to address these stressors before it gets to that breaking point. Here are some of the tips I’ve learned (that hopefully will help you as well):

1)   Help yourself out and take some time the night before to lay out what you need for the next day- For me , this means laying out an outfit and packing my backpack so that in the morning I can have time to actually enjoy my breakfast and the morning.

2)   Don’t do work right before bed! I find that if I give myself at least 30 minutes before bed to decompress, I sleep better!

3)   Meditate. A lot of people misunderstand meditation and think it either has to be done for hours or is meant only for “spiritual people.” But, meditation can be done by anyone and only requires a little of your time. Guided meditations can even be found on You Tube for beginners!

4)   Listen to music! Make a playlist on your computer of relaxing music that suits you OR go online and find another recommended playlist based on your music interests.

5)   Finally, in addition to exercise I find that stretching and yoga can also really help the body. Throughout the day, we carry a lot of stress on our shoulders and in our feet. Yoga helps to relieve this pressure.

In addition, if you have a tennis ball, roll that tennis ball beneath your feet while standing. This not only gives your feet a well-needed massage, but helps to relieve stress and calm your nerves.

-Julie Wagenblast
LeadHer™ Intern, Campus Calm™
Learn more about Julie here.

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