In Response to “College majors and their income potential” @ The Washington Post

Bravo to Momspeak Columnist Tracy Grant at The Washington Post for speaking the truth even when it’s not easy.

My take:
Pick a college major you love, and then position yourself inside the industry by networking and building relationships. Join a professional organization as a student or new graduate. This will help you recession-proof your career. Bottom line: a college major promising a high-paying career path is great, if you actually enjoy it. If you don’t, you’re setting yourself up for what could be a lifetime of unfulfilling work. We contribute the best of ourselves when we’re immersed in the work we love, or at least like! If you’re about to graduate and you don’t like your college major, breathe! Know that you can take the transferable skills and change directions. Please visit your campus career center and ask for help. You’re not locked into one path in life so try to cut yourself some slack as you explore your possibilities.

Ever after in faith of ourselves,

-Maria Pascucci
Founder & President
Campus Calmâ„¢

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