20 Something ADHD Expert’s Tip of the Month – December

Tips for Outsmarting Your Brain
By Barbara McRae, MCC

I just completed delivering a nationwide teleclass for ADD/ADHDers. The topic was centered on something we can all relate to: spreading yourself too thin! Often that takes the shape of bouncing around, following whatever idea just popped into our heads.

Bouncing around will continue to happen if you give in to your “monkey mind.” Most people give their minds free reign because it’s never occurred to them that there’s another option! A new thought is just a thought. If you like your latest thought, write it down right away for further review later – after you’ve completed your present task.

I know how tempting it is to follow new enticing ideas but then you miss out on the power found in persistence! Contrary to popular opinion, success doesn’t happen overnight. It happens over time, step-by-step and is mostly invisible in the early stages. Then when you’ve reached critical mass, you’ll finally see the tangible evidence. To the rest of the world it will seem as if you’ve suddenly conjured a miracle.

Without persistence, your inspirations are wasted. What if the late Steve Jobs hadn’t stuck with his vision despite the obstacles he faced? Steve succeeded because he tapped into his passion and determination to stay on track. So can you …

1. Ask yourself: Why is this goal important to me? List at least 5 compelling reasons. Review your list regularly.

2. Identify all key talents and skills you already possess that you enjoy. They can support you in achieving your dream.

3. Fast forward to the future: How will you feel once you’ve succeeded? Be sure to anchor these feelings. They will support you in staying the course; access them as needed.

4. Expect unforeseen hurdles. Prepare for them. Which inner resources will you draw on to overcome them?

From time to time, your mind will play tricks on you and cause you to doubt yourself. You’ll worry about the future… As soon as you notice it – and you will because it never feels good – stop yourself from feeding your fears.

You CAN stop thinking negative thoughts if you give your mind something else to chew on. Challenge yourself to think of something different, something that you can feel good about. Keep replaying THIS thought – the one that causes you to feel better. Really milk it; squeeze every delicious drop out of it!

When you place most of your focus on your possibilities instead of your problems, you’ll cultivate a winning mindset and you won’t lose your way.

My best!

~ Barbara McRae, MCC
20-Somethings ADHD Expert, Campus Calm™
© Barbara McRae

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