20 Something ADHD Expert’s Tip of the Month – July

Passion Trumps Procrastination
By Barbara McRae, MCC

Who hasn’t experienced difficulties moving forward on a new project when it’s time to get started, no matter how enthused you might have been early on? The stronger your inner resistance, the heavier you feel. And you just want to sit still and stare out the window!

Feeling overwhelmed by not being able to move forward, often leads to overreacting and blaming yourself. Trying to push through resistance (aka fear) is futile! Instead focus on anything that dissipates the fear. The best way I’ve found to do that is to first remind myself that fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real. Once I realize that my current thinking is bogus and contrary to my desire to get started, I know how illogical I’ve been. I interrupt my thinking pattern and change my focus from negative to positive thoughts; thus, dissolving my “heaviness” and restoring my resourcefulness.

I don’t have to stay stuck; I CAN do something about this.
Why did I want to do this in the first place? Oh, yeah, I’ll be able to …
What’s good about getting this done? (feelings of relief and accomplishment)
Which skills or talents can I engage to make this more fun?

Equipped with good-feeling thoughts and reminders of how easy and fun this could be, you naturally replace feelings of uncertainty with confidence! Then, feed your confidence by recalling 10 previous accomplishments until you’re so jazzed that wild horses couldn’t stop you from moving forward. Now getting started is easy because you’re using the power of your passion to trump procrastination!

As a business owner (especially with ADHD) comes constant creativity along with the challenges of distract-ability. The above-mentioned savvy success strategy keeps me focused and fully engaged. As a result, I continue to birth published works as well as numerous training, coaching and personal development programs.

My best,
~ Barbara McRae, MCC
20-Somethings ADHD Expert, Campus Calm™
© Copyright 2011 Barbara McRae

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