Freshman Transition Expert’s Tip of the Month – April

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Now that you are back from Spring break and are awaiting the first signs of Spring, hopefully sooner than later, it’s time to think about planning! Planning what, you might ask? Well, planning out that the last six weeks (or so) push until your Spring term ends. Final exams, term papers and end of-the-term group projects will be due soon thus you will need to plan your time over these six weeks to avoid an end-of-term-meltdown.

Here are a few practical tips:
1. Align your syllabus with your calendar. Therefore you can see when assignments are due and input into your calendar time to work on your varied assignments.
2. Organize group work and communicate with other group members to ensure that all members of the group are on board.
3. Review course/class notes to keep up on key themes and topics which you will most likely see on a final exam.
4. Use your calendar to arrange for exercise, sleep, and ‘down time.’

Balancing your time between school work, personal/social interests, a part-time job and club/sport activities will help you reach your academic goals without pulling ‘all nighters’ and regretting how your organized and managed your time (and health) during the last few weeks of your Spring term.

Good luck!

Suzanne Lagemann
First-year Transition ExpertSuzanne Lagemann

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