Empty Nest Support Expert’s Tip of the Month – March

Spring Break Re-Unite

A father called excited about his daughter coming home for Spring Break.

She has been shivering in snow and boring meals. He is ready to connect and treat her well. They are driving to warmer climates and relaxation, just the two of them.

Empty Nesters have called asking for tips during the Spring Break re-unite gathering:

1. Have fun being in the same place together. Smile. It sounds obvious but old habits can bring banging doors and screaming tantrums.

2. Remind yourself that your role as parents has shifted. You have made changes to your life with them gone and they have had no authority to monitor their behavior or schedule.

3. Say yes more than no. Power struggles are normal. How do you want to handle them? Think ahead about what punches your buttons.

4. Stay flexible with plans and needs. Say what you want. Negotiate and then let it go. Walk on….

5. You are still a role model so check in with yourself to see how you are doing and what you are portraying to your children.

You don’t need to overdue. You do need to feel good about yourself.

A mom told me she has to rearrange her daughter’s room since she has been using it for crafts and reading. She laughed at remembering how the first month of empty nest she didn’t even want to open the door to her daughter’s room. She cried too much. Now she still can come to tears but she is finding her new way of life without watching the clock to pick up her daughter at school or go to a weekend track event.

Spring is showing itself. What are you planning for yourself?

Natalie Caine
Take care,
Natalie Caine
~ Empty Nest Support Expert, Campus Calm™

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