4 Reasons Why You Should Date/Marry a “Shaun” on Valentine’s Day and Everyday!

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In honor of my husband, Shaun Maciejewski

On college campuses nationwide, teens and twentysomething students are looking for love. Many are exploring to see for themselves what “love” really looks like and feels like. Here’s why everyone looking for love should aspire to date/marry a “Shaun”:Shaun

• A “Shaun” is a partner who wants you to become all that you aspire to be. He/she will listen to your dreams, cheer them on even if he doesn’t know how you will fulfill them, and he’ll lend you a hand when you’re struggling;

• A “Shaun” will be proud of your achievements and tell you so when you need to hear it most;

• A “Shaun” will be the first to tell you that you are also more than the measure of those achievements, in case you forget it;

• A “Shaun” will invest in his/her self-growth, learn from mistakes, say sorry, collaborate over compromise, and stay true to his/her values;

Bonus: • A “Shaun” will lead by example to teach you how to be a better spouse, partner and person in the process.

My Shaun teaches me how to be a better wife, leader and person as the recipient of his countless acts of generosity, and kindness. Case in point: We bought our first house in 2009 and we’re finally getting to fixing up our guest bedroom. We picked out the paint color a few weeks ago, and a wallpaper mural to go on one of the walls. I returned from speaking at Ball State University‘s Leadership Conference Saturday night. I walked past our guest bedroom and gasped. Shaun stripped the old border, sanded the walls, painted the room, and put up the wallpaper mural. I’d attach the picture of our new and improved guest bedroom, but I have to wait for Shaun to return home from work to show me how to upload the pictures to our computer. 😀

For all those looking for love, Happy Valentine’s Day! Ask yourself, “Does the person I’m dating gift me with generosity, compassion, loyalty and respect?” That’s worth more than a dozen marked-up long-stemmed red roses any day of the week! Until you find that person (and after you find that person) gift yourself with generosity, compassion, loyalty and respect. You will naturally attract people into your life who reflect how you see yourself. Say it: “Success Starts With Self-Love.

Love & friendship,
Maria Pascucci
Founder & CEO, Campus Calm™

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