First Year Transition Expert’s Tip of the Month – February

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After a few weeks into the semester, I discuss Time Management with my students in my New Student Seminar. Many of my students find this topic the most helpful because no one manages their time perfectly and learning a few tips can assist you with feeling like you can manage your many academic, social, personal and job-related responsibilities.

Here are a few tips to try. Let me know if it is of help!

1. 24-hour time chart. Take one day, any day of the work-week and write down in 30 minute increments what you do during that time. You will see how and what you are doing all day.

2. Assess where you can manage your time more efficiently. Think about what you did during that 24 hour time period and apply it to your entire seven day week.

3. Plan out a simple time management schedule. Use a daily planner , sticky notes, whatever works for you and write down what you need to do and when.

4. You will find that assessing your time and then organizing it will help manage your workload.

Be well,
Suzanne Lagemann
First Year Transition Expert
Campus Calmâ„¢
Suzanne Lagemann

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