Freshman Transition Expert – Happiness and Joy abound in 2011 if you know where to look

January 2011 First year Transition

Lately, I have been reading about success and happiness. Throughout my readings, I found myself asking, “Why search for happiness? Why do people talk about finding more happiness?” With the start of the new year, people always talk about being more happy. Why?

Here are three findings I want to share with you which can help with your transition to college and/or to your second semester in college.

1. Happiness and feeling content is right in front of you. Stop searching and realize that what life presently offers contains (even bits) of happiness and joy.

2. Slow down and take each day as it comes. Transitions in life can feel overwhelming so take each day one at a time.

3. Laugh = happiness. Laughing brings joy to us all. Even if you don’t find something funny, start to laugh and it will feel good!

Be well,
Suzanne Lagemann
First year Transition Expert
Campus Calm

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