Fitness Expert’s Tip of the Month – December

The hectic holidays-
Now that Thanksgiving is over, and all of your left-overs have been consumed or given away, you’re probably thinking about the next round of holiday functions. Allow me to remind you how important it is to stay healthy, and in the now during this time of year. Especially this time of year.

The stores trick us into thinking we have very little time to plan and organize, and that everything must be done perfectly, and right now. We all know this isn’t true, that we can keep things as simple as we would like, and make smart choices about how we use our time, and where we focus our attention.

So this year, make a pact with your friends and family, that no matter what happens throughout the month you will give one another the greatest gift of all, and spend time together doing things that create health, and well-being.

Turn your traditional gift giving, into gifts that really give back. Share your favorite healthy recipes and a sampling of your favorite healthy snacks, treat your family and friends to a gift certificate for a body-healing massage, or a gift card for fitness classes at their favorite studio/gym.

Who knows perhaps these simple gift ideas will help them create even more balance within their own lives, and in turn they will pass along gifts like these to others. How’s that for paying it forward?

So here’s to a healthy, happy, holiday season!

~ Amy Lademann, Fitness Expert, Campus Calmâ„¢
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